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New sites with Sharpay buttons | 03.10.2018


Hello everyone!

Sharpay refines the existing social media marketing and popularizes the use of cryptocurrency by the idea of sharing. Everyone can earn our Sharpay S tokens by using our Sharpay button and promote websites on their social media.

Today, we tell you some new interesting websites from around the world that are using our Sharpay button:

  1. Lavorare all'Estero: Do you want to work abroad? What do you need to know if you want to work at some big companies? Go ahead and find some job offers around the world, get some job-hunting guides http://lavorareallestero.it (Italian)

  2. 一攫千金ブログ: It shares tweets about crypto every day. To see what is going on in the crypto market and get some ideas about ICO, you can visit ikkaku-senkin.sblo.jp (Japanese)

  3. LaCriptoGuia: A definitive guide for beginners and advanced users about the technology and business of cryptocurrencies. http://lacriptoguia.org (Spanish)

Do you have a website? Are you a webmaster? Install our Sharpay button on your website to increase traffic now! You can install our Sharpay button through app.sharpay.io, WordPress and Cloudflare!

In Sharing We Trust!
Sharpay.io Team

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