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PowerSwitch, Decentralized Power Consumption Management


In difficult times for the economies of many countries, people should make the most efficient use of new technologies to maximize the savings of their money. We all face high utility bills, the costs of which are often a significant part of the family budget.
To solve such problems, a project was created PowerSwitch.

What is PowerSwitch ?

This project will help you save your electricity, gas and water, and therefore your money.
Can adapt our prototype in order to monitor the use of resources and automatic switching between the most profitable suppliers. You can also pay for your utility bills with a coin.

We are building a platform for the crypto Industry

The team develops an automatic plugin to control the resources of your resources.
All payments will be automatically recorded in Powerswitch blockchain.

PWS Coin Specifications

PVS coin does not use mining to extract new coins, but uses technology pure POS (proof-of-stake), it does not harm the environment.

Coin Name : PowerSwitch Coin
Ticker : PWS
Coin Type : pure PoS
Algorithm : Scrypt

Max block size : 3 Mb
Block Time : 60 seconds approx
Blocks/Day : 1440
Minimum Stake Age : 2 hours
Coin maturity : 50 blocks
Max Supply : 100,000,000 PWS
Difficulty retarget : every block
Ports : Network 9333 - RPC 9332
Transaction : Super fast transactions
Eco-firendly : no mining, pure Proof-of-Stake
Low Premine : 2% total : 1% for Public sale - 1% for advertising

Masternode collateral : 5000 PWS
Block Reward : 80% Masternodes, 20% Staking
Block Reward : Growing first year and staying two-digit numbers for 10 years
Marketcap after Public sale : around $68,000,000
Monthly gain after Public sale : ~2600$ first month, ~3800$ after 3 month, ~4700$ after 9 month (may vary on market fluctuation)


the project has a fairly detailed roadmap, currently at the stage of launching the finished product. Next month, the team has scheduled listing on exchanges, as well as the implementation of purses for the operating system Android|IOS

Buying Masternodes

Now the first part of Masternodes salle is actively going. All stages of the sale will be three.
Price for coin 0.5-0.75 usd.

All the coins that are not sold at the end of Stage 1, 2 and 3 will be burnt.

Personally, I think this project is very interesting and has a good perspective. We are all interested in saving our money and resources, so this project will be in great demand.

Official links:

Website: https://www.powerswitch.me
Twitter: https://www.powerswitch.me
Discord: https://discord.gg/nEQZ63c
Telegram: https://t.me/PowerSwitchChat
GitHub: https://github.com/PowerSwitchCrypto

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