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How to convert your Bitshares Asset (tokens) to Bitshares token on Bitshares Dex.

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Bitshares Dex

The BitShares DEX is the open source blockchain in which 3rd party Asset providers can build decentralized gateways on. It's a type of chain that you can use your credentials to access your account from anyone of these gateways.

You can also access any asset traded on the BitShares chain from any of the decentralized gateways. So in summary, they are all interconnected together somehow.

Bringing WLS to the souls in the universe.

The birth of Whaleshares.io has made people start started believing in bitshares again, being on different platform altogether and looking for education of on how to post on this different platform at the same time.

Bitshares is awaken again. Let's make climb to where it belong. The top.


Check out the video it's quick and easy to use tool and others trail video from the author. Please note that all this training are mobile trainings. Pc training are coming soon. Thank you for watching.

How to operate masdacs.io and Some Mack Down to learn

How to Check your transaction details and navigation around Bitshares Dex

How to send Bitshares Asset From One Bitshares Account to the Other.

How to Post on Three Platforms at the same time

How to use your Whaletoken to get rewarded on Whaleshares

YouTube Video

Thank you for watching and reading. See you in my next training. I hope this help a lot of people.

Vote for my favorite witnesses for their selfless work helping all the communities to grow with countless of programs we do ranging from contest, challenges, shows etc.

How to vote

Visit this link : https://whaleshares.io/~witnesses

Look for the witness name @god, @bushkill-witness, @dbread-witness, @beyondbitcoincas, @altruistic @wls-africa & @black-man
Click on the ^ icon to cast your vote

Support @Flaminghelpers programs and shows geared towards bring good content and making the community a better platform.

Support @christian-trail. They have been so wonderful helping the Christian community and Christian writers. More blessing.
Support @itestify for curating testimony post. Wonderful initiative it is.

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