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Hycon is an upgraded bockchain of new generation!

Just recently the world has discovered new and wonderful technology called BLOCKCHAIN. This innovation system has allowed creating decentralized management platforms, which day by day are being subject to such destructive factors as monopolizing, speculation and fraud. It is due to these factors we have ongoing market inflation and it seems that we should let go the centralized systems and slowly step by step move on to the decentralized ones.

I elicited three main reasons why it is worth using a blockchain:

  1. Absence of fraud and safe storage of data

Just imagine the world with no fraud, a blockchain does not allow hackers to deceive people any more today and to entice their money, thanks to decentralized system, no hacker nor swindler would be able to take control of your means, or your information. Earlier people were afraid to keep the means and assets electronically, as hackers instantaneous could crack any server and transfer your money to the account, but with the invention of a blockchain, hackers have no such opportunity, and users can have no worries keeping their means on digital platforms.

  1. Transparency

Thanks to transparency everyone can see, where the means have been sent to and by whom; a blockchain will open the new horizon for many countries, to track their authorities including the banks. At the moment deviation from taxes, corruption and black salary represent a huge problem that is very hard to deal with in many countries.

  1. Smart contracts

Thanks to the blockchain technology we are also getting a new impartial system of smart of contracts which will help to settle disputes between the customer and the client. Everything will going to be very simple: if the all contract conditions were met, the relevant funds will be transferred; if is not – there will be no payment.

Thanks to the smart contracts system the relations between all participants of a production and trade chain will be significantly improved.

The blockchain is an absolutely new technology and, of course, this technology needs improvement. It is also one of the main tasks of the Infinity Project team, which is taking care of HYCON (Hyper-Connected Coin)- the blockchain of new generation.

HYCON is a blockchain, which is going to be faster, safer and more scalable.

Lately in the world of cryptocurrency, there is a noticeable addition of new participants, and the existing blockchains very badly cope with the increased number of transactions per second. Traders are forced to wait up on funds transfers and it’s highly inconvenient. The Infinity Project team was tasked to create a faster

blockchain, which they actually did. Thanks to their new DAG system (Directed Acyclic Graph) it would be possible to publish several units at the same time, with a possibility of conflict resolution between the clashing transactions and rejection of double expenditure through a consensus algorithm called SPECTER. This is the main advantage of HYCON blockchain compared to its predecessors.

Thanks to its interface, the HYCON blockchain allows to create your own blockchain respectively on the same platform. That becomes useful, in case you have an enterprise, but no funds for your own blockchain (which is very expensive), and you want to increase transparency, improve accountability in the organization and save your data in the safe place. Just issue the request and you’ll get connected to HYCON blockchain.

The company will create a separate decentralised exchange (DEX), which will support the cross exchanges and will provide to traders an incredibly wide range of currency. Going back to the centralized platforms, I’d like to say that practically all centralized exchanges were cracked or compromised, which causes investors to lose millions of dollars annually. Therefore, the decentralised exchange DEX would be a role model for safe and fast transactions.

Project team:

There would be no project without the highly experienced team. The team keeps demonstrating high standard of performance and thanks to their efforts not only the blockchain was created, but also improved. The team consists of the truly skilled professionals, who did not just launch the platform, but also gave the businesses a chance to grow without being worried for the safety of their data. Also, the main success factor of launching this platform, was implementation of blockchain technology, which allowed to discover many talented inventors and get great results!


Up to date, the company has already put together a Hard Cap, and I am sure that in the future this blockchain will become extremely popular and become and have an unimaginable success amongst its users. Their new exchange DEX is just ideal exchange to make money for the real trader.


Website: https://hycon.io/

Whitepaper: https://hycon.io/#whitepaper

Medium: https://medium.com/@teamhycon

Twitter: https://twitter.com/teamhycon

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teamHycon/

Telegram: https://t.me/teamhycon


Форум: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1851247

Фейсбук: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100024420561684

Твитер: https://twitter.com/shoppingtur

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