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WeiDex Exchange Cryptocurrency


Millions of new investors began trading cryptocurrencies. Of course, as with any investment vehicle, there are many different trading strategies, so it’s important to identify which one suits you best.
weDex is a totally independent environment (DX). It guarantees the highest possible security, total transparency and opacity of the opening logic.

Various trading platforms are trying to acquire it gradually using various consensual algorithms and smart contracts, but it has not been proven that it completely eliminates this totally regrettable task.

The weidex team have the dreams of making extensive use of decentralized exchanges and the main method of transferring cryptocurrency assets. Their vision is to provide the best services to our customers, from user interface and user experience to usability and performance. They want to create a strong and strong community with brave dreams. The main task is to realize their dream and develop a decentralized technology for inter-channel transactions.

WeiDex said the platform would have both centralized and decentralized exchange benefits. However, centralized exchanges are known for their ease of use, ease of access (availability) and transparency. As a decentralized exchange, WeiDex also offers advantages over other existing decentralized exchanges, including: Reference system program: WeiDex is the first of its kind, offering 20% of user referral fees. The more users you invite, the more referral bonus you will receive.

wеiDеx is an еxchangе markеt that doеs not nееd to rеly on a third partysеrvicе to hold thе customеr's assеts. Instеad, thе tradеs occur dirеctly bеtwееn usеrs (pееr to pееr) through an automatеd procеss callеd smart contract.wеiDеx is a fully fеaturеd dеcеntralizеd еxchangе (DеX). It guarantееs thе highеst possiblе sеcurity, full transparеncy and opеn sourcе logic.
Thе main idеa bеhind thе dеcеntralizеd еxchangе is thе rеmoval of thе third party

Low Operational Cost.

weiDex is cost effective and minimizestime wastage.

The platform is created in a very fast and efficient blockchain network.

You will only be charged little or no amount thereby making you deploy a payment service of your own.

Cross Chain Transactions

Team will create one big ecosystem in which users can trade currencies in a decentralized way. Without any third parties.

The technology used to tackle the problem with cross-chain trading is atomic swaps.

Multiple order fullfilment- set an order for a certain amount and our smart contract will make sure to take as many transactions as needed to fulfill your request, while you get charged for just one transaction.

We are going to make decentralized exchanges widely used and the main method for transferring crypto assets. Our vision is to provide the best services to our clients, from the user interface and user experience to the usability and performance. We will create a great, strong community with brave dreams like ours. Our main task to achieve our dream is to develop a decentralized technology for cross-chain transactions.
The ICO is a natural supplementary funding source to further accelerate the development and global adoption of the WeiDex PLATFORM

WeiDex’s intention is to allow a broad base of community members to participate in a Token Sale. WeiDex cannot guarantee that all prospective purchasers will be able to acquire their desired allocations during the Token Sale, where the maximum cap will be approximately $15 million. The amount of tokens sold during the Token Sale will be from a total sale pool of 30,000,000 WDX.

For a successful token sale reaching the hard cap the intended token distribution will be as follows: Our customers will receive an airdrop based on their trading volume. The total amount of tokens that will be provided as airdrop is 5,000,000 WDX.


WeiDex Token (WDX) uses

 Users will have the chance to reduce their trading fee by 50%

 When new tokens are listed on weiDex, they can use WDX as a payment method.

 Users will be able to swap WDX between different blockchains e.g. ETH and NEO. In the roadmap, there is integration with Neo. After this integration is done, users will be able to trade between this platform using WDX.

 After new tokens are listed, we will provide airdrop to all WDX holders, proportionate to the amount of WDX each user has.
Token Symbol »» WDX

Price »» 1 WDX = 0.0011 ETH

MVP/Prototype »» Available

Platform »» Ethereum

Hard cap »» 15,000,000 USD

Whitelist/KYC »» KYC


Thanks to Blockchain Technology and WeiDex Platform for introducing better and incomparable ideas in the World Crypto Exchange.

For more information about this project, please! follow the links bellow » » »

WEBSITE: https://weidex.market/?utm_source=bitcointalk

WHITEPAPER: https://weidex.market/images/whitepaper.pdf

ANN TREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4638484.0

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/WeiDex-163716047661387/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/weidex2

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/joinchat/IvU-mxJSkHeHzcms-S1ZYQ

BITCOINTALK PROFILE LINK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2002675

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