2 года назад

Rating in the Bounty campaign of TokenGo.

And again the news from the TokenGo #TokenGo campaign #ICOTokenGo @tokengoplatform. In anticipation of the conduct of third-party Bounty campaigns, a rating of Bounty participants is developed. A rating is an assessment of the quality of a participant's work. But the quality of the Bounty campaign depends on the quality of the participant's work.
The more quality bounties, the better the campaign itself. This is obvious, and so we need to start moving in this direction.
The rating will be automatically counted on the basis of many different factors that will be gradually introduced into the calculation formula.
The rating will be strongly influenced by an independent assessment of the moderators and third-party observers, as well as the amount of the investment in the ICO TokenGo. Depending on the rating, the work will be evaluated in different ways.
Bounty players with high ratings will earn more and will have access to special tasks that will not be available to bounty people with a low rating. All these factors spur the Bounty campaign participants to perform tasks more efficiently and qualitatively and approach their work more responsibly. When you purchase more than 300 GPT in ICO TokenGo, the rating and the opportunity to receive special discounts, bonuses and special opportunities for our participants, including the exchange of tokens in projects that will host Bounty campaigns on the TokenGo platform, will increase, as they too will need investors.
It's nice to be in a team where there is a healthy spirit of competition. And who else is not with us? Be in the know, be with us, be on the team!


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