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Lesfex Exchange: The Innovative Future Cryptocurrency Exchange

The Lesfex Exchange is not just another cryptocurrency exchange on the block, it offer smaller fees (especially for its member) and many features to solve the traditional exchange problems. As it is also based on blockchain technology, it offer the convenient yet auditable also secure platform for trading your cryptocurrency of choices. Lesfex is a company developed by Octanox (OTX) that is backed up by a team of experts in the industry. Lesfex is intended to give to the Octanox community, offering reduced fees for everyone who supported this project as an investor. Octanox welcomes everyone to use a lower fee advantage to become part of the investor community. The team of Lesfex knows that it is not possible to gain trust and build a reputation quickly, therefore, will strive every day to earn respect and trust. Lesfex uses very simple, but advanced digital trading tools. Lesfex System is constantly updated and tested to ensure that it adheres to the best standards in the industry. Blocking specialists have built a highly secured platform, preventing any and all kinds of malicious attacks that could affect the community of traders. With the rapid development of block room technologies, the Lesfex team will be vigilant in ensuring and maintaining a stable and secure platform. Lesfex Exchange is a fast forward company with a next generation business model in the CryptoCurrency exchange space.

The Lesfex platform has all the prerequisites to succeed and to occupy a leading position amongst the industry players. This is due to the thorough strategic planning and oversight of the creative and dedicated founding team. The cornerstone of the platform’s development is the detailed attention to the users / customers and addressing their needs as the highest priority. The next stage of the project’s development is the launch of a self-sustainable Lesfex Token together with a merchant program. To completely revolutionize the future of digital asset exchange trading, we are fusing Forex technologies with those of the Blockchain to provide everyone with a better trading experience. Lesfex will be every trader/investor's first choice which will maintain the Lesfex competitive advantage.
The Octanox team asked Coinspect to audit Lesfex Cryptocurrency Exchange. Coinspect performed a black-box penetration test of the web application during one week in April 2018. As a baseline for testing the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard 3.0 was used and the security verification level applied was ASVS Level 1. Additionally, manual and automated techniques were used to test the application, its infrastructure and business logic. This ensure the security and make Lesfex position strong as one of the big and trusted player in the area of cryptocurrency exchange platform provider.
The Lesfex platform has all the prerequisites to succeed and occupies a leading position among industry players. This is due to overall strategic planning and supervision of a creative and dedicated founding team. The cornerstone of platform development is detailed attention to users / customers and overcoming their needs as the highest priority. The next stage of project development is the launch of the self-sustaining Lesfex Token together with the merchant program.
To fully revolutionize the future of digital asset exchange trading, we combine Forex technology with those owned by Blockchain to provide everyone with a better trading experience. Lesfex will be the first choice of traders / investors who will maintain Lesfex's competitive advantage.
Lesfex Exchange offer the following unique features:
STABILITY AND INSURANCE: Lesfex system is constantly upgraded and tested to ensure that we are meeting the industry’s best standards.
OPEN AND TRANSPARENT: Lesfex team is aware that it is not possible to gain trust and build a reputation quickly consequently, we will strive each and every day to earn respect and trust.
24 HOUR SUPPORT: For non-stop and fast trading sessions we count on a highly skilled customer service team.
PRIVATE AND SECURE: Lesfex Using cold wallet protecting users funds, each withdrawal process is manully by team.
The Lesfex platform has a user-friendly interface that allows the user to view cryptocurrencies, lock assets and perform crypto-trading in a simple manner. It platform also will allow investors to learn pre and post-trade sessions using critical technical indicators, data, analysis, community strategies, and baseline analysis. Lesfex is a platform that will expose CryptoCurrency, Crypto-trading and Blockchain assets to the general public via a well-designed user interface and easy-to-understand crypto-trading technology.
The Lesfex exchange plans to solve the problems inherent in many exchangers, these are:
Bad customer support
Market manipulation
No market research
High transaction fees
High cost for listing on the exchange
Lesfex ICO Start date is at 30 Sep 2018 with ICO End date at 30 Nov 2018. Its Soft cap is at USD 5,000,000 (fiat) and Hard cap size at USD 50,000,000 (fiat). Lesfex is all set to organize a pre-ICO from September 30 to October 27th, and the main sale will take place from November 3rd to December 8th in the ICO, the LFX token will be offered at a different price of $ 0.03 to $ 0.11 in different phases. Lesfex (LFX) is a token of the Lesfex Exchange platform , designed to make a friendly exchange, which is aimed at helping existing crypto-currency projects and new upcoming projects.
The IKO program will be divided into 2 stages, as shown below;
Phase 1 – Advance Sale (September 30 – October 27)
Phase 2 – Public Crowdsale (November 3 – November 30 )
September 30 – October 6 priced at USD 0.03
October 7 – October 13 priced at USD 0.04
October 14 – October 20 priced at USD 0.05
October 21 – October 27 priced at USD 0,06
November 3 – November 9 priced at USD 0,07
November 10 – November 16 priced at USD 0,08
November 17 - November 23 priced at USD 0.09
24 November - 30 November priced at USD 0.1
The Lesfex Exchange roadmap is as below:
– Exchange Conceived
– Development Research
– Team Recruited
– Platform Architecture Completed
– Starting Platform Development
– Team Expansion
– Platform Architecture arranged
– Starting Platform Development
– Market Research
– Marketing Strategy Developed
– Lesfex Security Audit by Coinspect
– Crowdfund Platform Development
Q3 - Q4
– Starting Token Sale
– Token Sale Ends
– Creating Lesfex Token
– Trading Promotion
– Merchants Program
– E-Commerce Development
– E-Commerce Platform Beta Release
– Lesfex Android Application
– Features Deployment
– New Roadmap

The Lesfex Ecosystem represents the stabilization of the CryptoCurrency sector by providing a low-fee, multi-asset, multi-functional and fully compliant exchange platform. By providing all of these features, it will create the art of stabilization on an economy system. With all these features and benefits, Lesfex will surely become the preffered choise for the cryptocurrency trader/player. Let's join Lesfex Exchange growing community and grow together to get more profit with less fees!
Website: https://lesx.org/
Whitepaper: https://lesx.org/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/LesfexPlatform
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LesfexExchange
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lesfex
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/lesfex/
Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1715436

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