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Hi Im TheDegenSloth and this is my first post!

As the title says I'm TheDegenSloth and here are somethings you should know about me:

I'm a live streamer on Twitch.tv and Beam.pro, freelance web developer & designer, plus a very avid believer in open source and free materials and resources to help others. I sure am looking forward to working on projects for the community. I'm hoping i can earn my way to the top by being loyal and creative. I have been active in the crypto scene for many years now and have a vast knowledge and experience with most crypto currencies / communities that are centered around crypto currency.

You can find me on my social media profiles which will be listed below in the image:


I have released many resources anonymously and publicly such as scripts for obs
plugins, button resources and a few other things which i will list below for people to find.
If you have any request do feel free to message me anytime on twitter or steemit.chat

Here is one of my creations which is free for everyone to use:
coming soon!

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