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Everything You Need to Know about MAVRO


What is MAVRO?
MAVRO is a revolutionary project that will provide a platform for payments for MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies. It is the first of its kind focusing on MLM companies, as it will be completely decentralized. The team behind the MAVRO project is one of the best in the industry. They have been developing projects revolving around cryptocurrencies since 2011. The team leader Sergei Mavrodi, in particular is one of the most visionary creators within the robust sector. What Sergei and his team strive for with this project is the creation of a platform specifically for MLM companies in order for them to operate safely, in a way that can be valuable for the individuals operating the system as well as for the users utilizing it.
The main vision of the MAVRO team is the enhancement of the use of MLM markets for businesses as well as for consumers. The MLM market needs MAVRO, as there are multiple issues within it because of transparency problems and financing issues. MAVRO will be able to solve these, bringing a true revolution in the industry.
How will MAVRO impact the MLM market?
MAVRO will have a great impact on the Multi-Level Marketing market. The industry is currently worth $178 billion and it will be completely revolutionized thanks to MAVRO. The ambition and goal of the MAVRO team is for MAVRO to become the main and biggest cryptocurrency and payment platform for all MLM companies all over the globe.

What are the objectives of MAVRO?

MAVRO, as a project, has two main objectives:
The augment of security from regulatory bodies on a global scale.
The augment of transparency between operators and users, reducing the risks of human errors.

The construction of MAVRO will increase the amount of transparency in the MLM industry, which means this type of business will be more trusted by its users. Positive aspects of it will be enhanced, for instance the moral directivity and consistency of the industry, thanks to the addition of new guidelines for businesses and clients. This ambitious goals will be accomplished through the use of the powerful blockchain technology that is available through the Ethereum platform.

Will MAVRO have its own blockchain?

MAVRO, besides being decentralized, will be 100% transparent and safe, as its system will rely upon blockchain technologies. More specifically, it will be powered by the Ethereum blockchain. The way this will be pursued is by developing an application platform that will be decentralized, which means that the new and innovative blockchain technologies will be united to the MLM industry in a completely safe way.
Blockchain Ethereum is virtually impossible to destroy. It utilises all loopholes present in all global laws and does not violate any of them. There is no legal person or human representing the cryptocurrency. Plus, there is not a law in any country of the world that forbids the use of this type of cryptocurrency. The use of Ethereum will emphasise the transparency of MAVRO, contributing to turn it into the main payment platform for MLM markets.

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