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Another storm in São Paulo causes flooding in the south and east


São Paulo is again hit by heavy rain on Friday, 30. The south and east of the capital are more affected, with several points blocked by floods. The municipal districts of Cidade Ademar and Ipiranga, in the southern zone, announced a state of alert at around 4 pm, after the Zavurus and Ipiranga streams overflowed.

By 4:30 pm, Bandeirantes Avenue had already been banned in two places: at the Pinheiros River Marginal and near the North-South Corridor. Floods on Interlagos, United Nations and Rubem Berta avenues were monitored, with partial blockades.

There was hail drop in isolated areas of the southern zone, according to the Emergency Management Center (CGE). Gusts of wind of more than 40 km / h were registered near the Airport of Congonhas, but the operations are not affected to the moment. The CGE also warns of the incidence of lightning during the storm.

In addition to the south and east of the city, there is state of attention to the central, southeast, Marginal regions of the Pinheiros River and west.

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