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Cryptographic money has possessed the capacity to exhibit a simple, advanced contrasting option to fiat monetary forms. Offering frictionless exchanges and swelling control, financial specialists have been sufficiently reasonable to include these monetary forms in their enhanced portfolios as a benefit, as the measure of the market does not speak to a fundamental hazard. Digital money utilizes the utilization of cryptography that guarantees high-security forms and confirms exchanges individual to every client. Thus, duplicating and mysterious exchanges are difficult to accomplish.

While this upheaval is increasing wide acknowledgment, Bettium, a worldwide decentralized stage empowering clients to wager on brandishing occasions against each other, each utilizing enormous information and built up specialists to enhance figures and system has arrived.

BETTIUM Platform is a legitimate square anchor stage for Peer to Peer based betting, enabling shoppers with a scope of inventive capacities, and in addition phenomenal trustworthiness, and adaptability, the whole with least charges conceivable. BETTIUM Platform furnishes clients with simple and effective instruments, for example, the implicit Artificial Intelligence that breaks down Big Data and licenses clients to make learned choices. The individuals who support depending on the information of specialists will be skilled to buy in to aptitude figures, impersonate their bets or even completely endow assets to an authority for a little charge.

The BETTIUM Platform

At the finish of the twentieth century, when the Internet innovation turned into a larger part ware, web based betting administrations made their passageway and quickly began to multiply. The time of web based betting dates to 94 when the area of Barbuda and Antigua issued the essential seaward licenses to betting organizations offering web wagering administrations.

The landing of Internet betting brought about an enormous development that profited the whole market benefactors. Players in an assortment of areas got access to book making administrations over the planet, while book producers saw their overhead blur away as blocks and-field weapon workplaces wound up obsolete.

Today, the planet is nearly the most imperative innovative unrest since the move of the Internet: the Block-chain uprising. Square chain tech is being utilized to a heap of changed and spearheading ventures in the whole strolls of life, giving further more noteworthy dependability, straightforwardness, decreased arrangement costs, enhanced scaling abilities, and a considerable measure of other sole favorable circumstances.

Betting these days has turned out to be considerably more than only a diversion part; current betting is a blend of science, methodology, and front line tech. The blending of the blockchain is a sensible advance in giving productive answers for issues that have broadened tormented the in the segment: trust, versatility, and an inborn absence of clearness.

BETTIUM Platform gives purchasers simple and efficient instruments to examine Big Data. An AI aide will allow players to do customized betting arranging independently. The individuals who like to trust on the learning of experts will be fit to buy in to practice estimates, copy their bets, or even absolutely depend assets to an authority for a little charge.

On BETTIUM Platform chances are resolute by the players betting against all other, not by an outsider bookmaker, totalize, or other brought together power. BETTIUM Platform is an explanatory environment, not a go between, giving compelling administrations and information apparatuses to help players to settle on educated choices. With a few ticks of the PC mouse, low maintenance can bet like a specialist, anticipating and pick up comparable to handle pioneers. BETTIUM Platform's charges are infinitesimal contrasted with regular bookmakers 0.15 percent versus 8 to 10 percent - which will boost aggregate relocation to the framework.

BETTIUM Platform is a distinct advantage. Their usefulness levels the playing area among novices and specialists, opening a planet of potential outcomes for every day clients in each edge of the world. The universe of betting is a riches trove holding up to be completely open – and BETTIUM Platform is the key.


A completely decentralized stage, Bettium settle every one of the difficulties that have tormented customary wagering frameworks. The stage gives a straightforward and safe wagering framework, totally shielded from control by players, outsiders, and the bookmaker himself.

P2P wagering is by its temperament reasonable and automatic: with chances and terms dictated by clients themselves, there can be no control to cover charges or lift edges. Worked in AI and Big Data abilities will enable players to build up their own particular guaging systems and consolidate them with algorithmic capacities accessible on the stage. Bettium will likewise give access to the insights and estimates of effective players, specialists and investigators.

Wagering and settlement tasks occur only through BETT Tokens, which can be purchased and sold on an inner trade. Tokens in this manner will keep on having esteem long aſter examiners have leſt the market.

Decentralization guarantees that the framework will be accessible around the world, for all intents and purposes resistant to shutdown, and free from outsider impedance. Under an arrangement of prophets and shrewd contracts, rewards will be paid in a flash and naturally, without the association of bookmakers, administrators, or any bank/stage that may hinder the procedure.

All clients will approach proficient systematic devices and a far reaching database on players, groups, matches, and occasions accumulated by our Big Data motor. Help from AI and master gauges will be accessible to players that need to enhance their procedures.


No Restriction

No restriction on wagers, even those with high chances

Ultra-Low Commissions

Bettium's 0.15% expense for each arrangement is far lower than the 7-10% charged by conventional bookmakers

All Statistics and Analytics In One Place

All point by point investigation and information apparatuses show up in a solitary client window

Moment Payouts

All installments, stores and exchanges in tokens are controlled by blockchain and happen in a flash

Unwavering quality and Transparency

Keen contracts make all exchanges between clients secure and straightforward, from the plain initiation of the stage

Continuous Operation day in and day out

The framework is totally self-ruling, autonomous of outsiders, and decentralized, diminishing the danger of specialized disappointments to almost zero

Exceptional Functionality

Bettium underpins numerous usefulness custom-made to the individual, enabling the client to modify an individual interface in light of wearing decisions, wager volumes, general associates, favored expository devices, and the sky is the limit from there

Evening the odds

Bettium gives novel expert capacity already inaccessible to customary clients. In our universe each player is an expert, enriched with a similar capacity, with access to similar instruments.

Token Sale and ICO

Token Details

• Token: BETT

• Price: one BETT token = 0.05 USD

• Bounty: Yes

• Platform: ETH

• Accepting : BTC and ETH

• Soft cap: $7,500,000

• Hard cap: $30,000,000

• Whitelist/KYC: Yes

• Country: Estonia

• Restricted areas: Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea USA,

Token Distribution and Fund Distribution

Token Distribution

7.5% Private Sale

7.5% PreSale

40% TokenSale

5% Bonus

15% Reserve

20% Founders & Team

0.5% Bounty

3% Advisors

Fund Distribution

40% Platform Development

17% Tournament

15% Marketing

13% Legal Support

5% Research

10% Operational Cost


Ben Marrel -BDO

Nathan Hunt -CEO

Brian Bellerose -Chief Legal Officer

Ron Lewin -Business and Technology Strategy Executive Manager

Sheldon Bennett -Blockchain Analyst

Alex Kamilov -CTO

Dan Hunt -Software Engineer

Alice Douglas -Investor Relations & Community Manager

Edgard Luque -Full Stack Developer


Peiwei Ni -Chairman and CEO of Super Block

Alexandru Radulescu -Crypto Market Advisor

Gary Fowler -Co-Founder and CEO of Findo

Maury G -Strategic Advisor -APAC

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