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🛡 t.me/eos1bot UPDATE: tracking fake tokens, improve reactions and analysis of each actions

Eos1bot - Its a powerful telegram bot and tool with which you can receive instant notifications about selected activity in the eosio blockchain. From tracking payments to finding bugs in smart contracts.

⚡️ In this update I did a full refactoring of the my "block listener cluster", which helped to significantly increase speed of bot's reaction and avoid skipping actions

🔬Also I changed the principle of processing actions which allowed us to apply custom regular expressions to each action completely independently

🎭 I improved readability of messages, they look more understandable, but still retain a complete data of actions, including contract name, key access level and the names of interacting parties

🛡 All of the above helped to realize correct work of a regular expression to monitor movement of fake tokens and suspicious actions with contracts in the eosio blockchain


An regex example of how to track fake EOS tokens:

Press /keywords then send:
^(?=.*"name":"transfer")(?=.* EOS","memo")(?!.*"account":"eosio.token").*

You can combine regex above with other regex.
For example, if you want to track all fake EOS tokens, and also want to track legal EOS tokens, but only if the transfer legal EOS amount is more than 1 million:

Press /keywords then send:
^(?=.*"transfer")(?=.*"eosio.token")(?=.* EOS","memo")(?=.*"quantity":"[0-9]{7}).*|^(?=.*"name":"transfer")(?=.* EOS","memo")(?!.*"account":"eosio.token").*

Technically, we simply added another regular expression, dividing it with | char which means "OR". Thus we indicated to send notifications if transfer is fake EOS OR if the amount of EOS is more than a million.

You can add many of these "OR" and in each section between | add a new regular expression. For example, to keep track of your favorite accounts in addition to EOS tokens, do something like this:

Press /keywords then send:
myaccount1|myaccount2|myaccount3|^(?=.*"transfer")(?=.*"eosio.token")(?=.* EOS","memo")(?=.*"quantity":"[0-9]{7}).*|^(?=.*"name":"transfer")(?=.* EOS","memo")(?!.*"account":"eosio.token").*

With the keywords above, eos1bot will track 3 of your accounts myaccount1|myaccount2|myaccount3, fake EOS and legal EOS transfers worth over a million.

Of course, you can track not only fake EOS, but also any other fake tokens.
To do this, you need to specify in keywords a condition with token name and his legal contract.
And if someone tries to send a token from another contract, you will receive a notification.

As an example for tracking fake eosBLACK
For example, we know that the token is called BLACK, and its valid contract is eosblackteam
To track his fakes we will use the following regex:
^(?=.*"name":"transfer")(?=.* BLACK","memo")(?!.*"account":"eosblackteam").*

To track Everipedia (IQ) fakes we will use the following regex:
^(?=.*"name":"transfer")(?=.* IQ","memo")(?!.*"account":"everipediaiq").*

And so on.

You can combine EOS,BLACK,IQ like this:
^(?=.*"name":"transfer")(?=.* BLACK","memo")(?!.*"account":"eosblackteam").*|^(?=.*"name":"transfer")(?=.* IQ","memo")(?!.*"account":"everipediaiq").*|^(?=.*"name":"transfer")(?=.* EOS","memo")(?!.*"account":"eosio.token").*

You can track any tokens.


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