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Callisto Network Project Overview

Callisto is a platform that provides enhanced security for Ethereum classic. This platform creates a network that offers free protection and audits that are useful for programmers.

On this platform, there are two objects that participate in the review of intellectual contracts, which includes; auditors and the manager. The issues of reports and the audit of codes of intellectual contracts are the main task of auditors in the CALLISTO network.

Callisto Network allows for significant changes, as it involves the use of advanced technologies to identify weaknesses in the conduct of transactions. This approach allows for high-quality scalability and increased security of the problem area.

The platform will use its detached blockbuster - a specific database that stores an ever-growing list of ordered records, called blocks - that connects to the base block ETC. To ensure the information security of the user, your own CLO token will appear.

The main and main reason for switching to CLO is the storage of digital value on this platform.


The project team sees the main problem in the fact that Ether does not have key security tools. What makes it vulnerable and malleable for break-ins, followed by leaks of large amounts.
Callisto, in turn, will solve this problem, thanks to managed smart contracts.

Another problem with the block chain is the protocol update. Hard-forking is a stressful process.


POW Algo: The dagger of Hashimoto (Ethash).
Block interval: ~ 15 sec.
Block award: 600 CLO (30% royalty for the treasury).
100% compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine.
The maximum delivery: 6 500 000 000 CLO.
Reduction of the unit's reward: 32% every 5,000,000 units.

New technological solutions;
The possibility of making a profit;
Security at every stage of the transaction.
Ecosystem security Smart-contract
Scalability of ETC and CLO networks.
The Callisto network has identified the potential that lies on the technology of intellectual contracts. Securities of intellectual contracts are crucial for the development of decentralized applications (DAPP).

Callisto's audit organization for smart contracts is scalable enough, and the result is that you can hire, manage and make payments for security checks of any of your desired smart contracts based on the demand and needs of the target community.


Security of Smart contracts is very important for most DApp platform development platforms. Their main goal is to improve the security of the Ethereum Classic and Callisto ecosystem by providing the necessary safety checks

In other words, CLO is the link that solves the problems of scaling the classic Ethereum grid, unloading the calculations of its main department into its network, releasing the bandwidth of the Ethereum Classic network.

Thanks to the new lock-up, the commission will be reduced and the transaction time will be reduced in the main network Ethereum classic.

Callisto Network seeks to alleviate the difficulties of setting two scheduled timelines for formatting: November 11, 2018 and November 11, 2019. Each protocol update must be performed only on one of these days. This approach allows each member of the network to know about upcoming updates and prepare in advance.

Despite the fact that the Ethereum Classic project was quite successful, it's worth emphasizing and paying attention to the fact that Callisto Network is still far from realizing many functions. But despite this, the project is very promising and in my opinion quite interesting.

Road map

Blockist Callisto has a huge potential. Road Map Callisto is painted until the middle of 2019. All the points of the road map have been fulfilled to date in time. Road Map Callisto is executed only on third, developers do not stand still and strictly adhere to the company's plans.

I am sure that the Callisto team chose the right way when they distributed their CLO tokens in the ratio 1: 1, rather than the hardcore with the prefect, to the ETC community, which, of course, speaks in favor of the ideology of the Callisto team.

Today Calisto can be found here

Currently, the Callisto Network (CLO) coins are traded on the Exrates, OOOBTC, Stocks.Exhange, SimpleSwap, BiteBTC exchanges. Course 1 CLO = 0.02 $. CLO listing applications have been submitted to the following exchanges: KuCoin, HITbtc, YoBit, Coinone and several others.

More information you can find here:

Website - https://callisto.network/#

Group in Telegram - https://t.me/CallistoNet

Official Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/callistonetwork/

Official Twitter - https://twitter.com/CallistoSupport

Whitepaper - https://drive.google.com/file/d/18NsazbbcMwmas7TIZRbDslIfNCVeLgBY/view

Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=935110

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