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BlokBiz is the crowdfunding stage in the cryptographic cash area. We may build a phase where all recorded ICOs are carefully examined by our Team using all existing AML consistency and strategies. Only sodalitas that can appear on our stage that really continues the techniques expressed verbally before. Examiners can research on our stage to understand the ICO theory that each chastity is carefully examined and assessed. In addition, we also provide support for partitioning in the perspective of the monetary management plan and progress in the task. In the event that the assignment does not proceed with the funded aggregate, it will be sent back to the theorist. Our instrument for achieving this goal is throughout the day, consistently benefiting customers,

Who doesn't want earning a big profit from small investments within a short period of time. Yes! You heard it right and the only way to earn a huge profit is by investing into ICO's. ICO is called as Initial Coin Offering, it is a new method of raising funds for company or project developement by providing early access to their tokens at low prices with bonus. In early January 2017, people made huge amount of returns by investing small amount into ICO's. They got from 10x to 100x profits within few months. From then the ICO trend has started.

People insanely started making investments into ICO's in the aim of getting huge returns. In the greediness of making profit, they didn't checked the genuineness of the ICO's. In this lucrative market situation, many scam ICO's also jumped in; there main motto is to steal people's money. No doubt there are many genuine, good futuristic ICO's are also present. But it is very hard to distinguish between good and scam ICO's. Investors got huge financial loss for making investments into scam ICO's.

What is BlokBiz?
In any case, this is another progress to finance or fortify the extraordinary task there will secretly become an unsuccessful abundance, then, BlokBiz can be the right stage for each examiner who needs to share in the ICO stands. Our vision is to avoid spuriousness by making use of the commix of all around the business and all the existing systems, decentralized progress is just beginning. We apply sharp contracts to trade on the ERC20 mastermind and every ICO that appears on our stage must be strictly examined. Our fundamental market gap in the current ICO feature is that there is no trading stage in the ICO in the perspective of strict control and individual supervision.

BlokBiz solution is an optically moored and disabled crowdfunding section. This is an individual center that joins the development of blockchain with the safest consistency system used by extraordinary business banks. BlokBiz offers to respond in order to the current ICO and cryptographic cash adventure issues. The mazuma channel activates cognitive activators, for example, ICO traps, mazuma laundering, phrenic battles and contraband market financing. Our equipment to achieve this goal is every minute of everyday client benefits, polished skills, strict arrangements, additional behavior, and business administrators who are devoted to eliminating ICOs to improve supervision and efficiency.

Blokbiz combines
our Methods to make ICO adventures safer.
Our Amassment consistency check requires sodalitas files and official due diligence. Every owner is examined in the AML standard program worldwide. We will make contracts and clever tokens for Blockbiz sodality to publish and manage ratified tokens. Thus we keep a fake 'Pump and Dump' plot made by purity.
Adventure decisions
Continuing the examination of consistency correctly does not operate the usual feeling. BlokBiz interview sodality partners and an overview of the axial faculty and the feasibility of their assignments.
Impeccable pay
Stupidity must set the outline of payments and helpers. Consistency of influential entities we review the course of action, strengthen the proportion of Ethereum needed for the task, and will send it to the sodality in the package depending on progress in the effort.
Exceptional executive director
If arbitrariness passes through the trial, a mission executive will be given attention to that effort. Business executives will remain in close contact with sodal people and will ignite monetary influential bodies about the progress of the business.
If sodality has collected all targets with a maturity date showing no progress, the theorist will not lose all the Ethereum coins they contribute.
Special Info The
purpose behind issuing and offering our tokens to allied mazuma experts involves two fields. This speeds up the task travel strategy, with the aim that it can start training early. However, stage delivery does not depend on potential offers from tokens. Capital raising from token offers is proposed to be a stimulating specialist. That is why XBZ tokens can be returned in the midst of a business time allotment.

Project objective
The main objective of BlokBiz project is to build a platform where investors can get fully verified list of good ICO's for making investment. The listed ICO's are thoroughly checked and verified by BlokBiz team by doing KYC, AML procedures of ico team members. It also funds ICO's in installments, if the ICO is not making any developments then the funds will be sent back to investors. BlokBiz supervises the ICO's and maximizes their productivity.

There are lot of hindering factors are present in the market for ICO's. No doubt many ICO's have revolutionary ideas, vision oriented concepts and many use cases but it is hard to identify which ICO project fulfills every commitment at the end. About only 2% of the ICO's will successfully complete their vision. Many ICO's first raise the funds, show some progress and lifts there hands saying it is not possible to furnish further results and they run off.

Unfortunately, the scam projects, scam activities, pump and dump coins had caused huge financial damage to investors. Because of this there is a negative thought about ICO's in every investors mind.

The main problem is, there are many possible ways are there to cheat investors. Most of the ICO's make unrealistic promises to attract investors, it becomes very hard to identify whether the claims made by the ICO is technically possible or not. Most of the investors are not that much capable to understand the technical concepts like blockchain, smart contracts etc while making investments. They rely on different sources. If the project is not progressing and not listed on exchanges then it worths nothing.

Because of these reasons ICO's become untrustworthy; scam projects also cause damage not only to investors but also to good projects.

BlokBiz Solution
BlokBiz is a secured and monitored platform for making ICO investments. BlokBiz team verifies ICO's through KYC & AML procedures to filter scam ICO's. BlokBiz acts as a gateway for investors to enter into secured investment option.

Every ICO listed on the platform is under supervision of BlokBiz. In order to eliminate fraudulent and scam activities, BlokBiz utilizes decentralized technology of smart contracts method for making transactions. And BlokBiz fund's ICO's in installments, so that if there is no progress from ICO then it will not receive any further payment. Thus remaining funds of non progressing projects will be returned back to investors.

BlokBiz builds a user-friendly website, where investors can easily browse different ICO's. BlokBiz also provides artificial intelligence on webpages, where investors get consultation from AI about current market condition, on which coin should to invest for better returns etc.

The ICO's which got passed in BlokBiz's strict regulations, those ICO's only get listed on the website. So by just appearing on the BlokBiz website provides a good advertisement for the ICO's.

Advantages of BlokBiz:
• BlokBiz provides a safe heaven place for ICO investors
• BlokBiz has experts who verifies ICO's thoroughly
• BlokBiz has anti scam security method, where ICO's only get the amount of funds that are required for there project
• Funding for ICO's will be done through smart contracts in installment basis
• If any scam activity observed, then investors will receive their investments back
• BlokBiz lists funded projects on its websites so that pump & dump and scam activity schemes will get eliminated
• BlokBiz charges very less fee about only 2% commission from the invested funds
• As good ICO projects performs well then everyone gets benefited

Having an XBZ token will reduce the owner's token trading fees in Blokbiz set. Theorists have the opportunity to get these tokens at a very reasonable cost in the middle of the stamp and frangible periods, token tokens will open in the middle of the Blokbiz Platform implementation at a higher cost.
Information about the BlockBiz
Token symbolic tokens: XBZ
Platform: Etheruem
Total shipping: 100,000,000 XBZ.
85% of tokens will be sold.
Tokens will be available for purchase after the sales period, because they can be used to reduce transaction costs from the BlokBiz portal.
Prices at the start of sales of 3252 XBZ 1 ETH

Learn more about BlokBiz:
Website: https://www.blokbiz.io
Read whitepaper: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/d85a18_857dcde0308444c79ab9bbd527b452dc.pdf
ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5026037
Telegram: https://t.me/blokbiz
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blokbiz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/blokbiz
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/blokbiz-group/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blokbizgroup/

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