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About Penicillin and Orvium...

"Fleming was the discoverer of the penicillin and he was the first who predict that the substance may find application in medicine»

This phrase was written by Almrot Wright in the American newspaper to restore the truth about which no one knew. It was a time when there were no medical or scientific journals. Only this phrase in the newspaper published the real creator of the penicillin, which saved millions of people. And even now the "medicine of the century" is still not patented, it had the discoverer, the creator who conducted experiments, laboratory work and discovered this miracle to the world. Later was opened the class of the medicines that are called "Antibiotics", but before this discovery, the soldier can get wounded and die in а hospital from the blood poisoning from rotting wounds.

We are completely free from thinking about the science. We just use fruits of it. But really it is the whole world, like for example our — cryptoworld. It has a huge number of scientists who carry out their works, write about them in the thematic magazines and in every possible way fix and share their discoveries.

But what about those who do not have the opportunity to scale up their results? Or a scientist can live in remote corners of the planet and simply not be able to publish his works in expensive specialized magazines. And of course, he may not has enough money to publish his works.

Do you know what "congeniality" is? This phenomenon says that in a different corner of the planet, under different circumstances two different people can realize the same discovery. Do you believe? I think our world is capable of anything, but someone should belong to the discovery... and all of us understand that it is exactly the blockchain that can help in the establishing of the justice. You can't correct the thing that has already been written in the chain, and you can also set the author and time of recording

Such a decision, which belongs to the "scientific blockchain", was taken by the team under Manuel Martin Marquez, head of the project of streaming data transmission in the European organization for nuclear research, the largest laboratory of high energy physics in the world.

They created the ORVIUM project, it is the scientific journal on the blockchain that will allow:

  • Establish the authorship and exact date of publication
  • Will allow adding to the work of researchers to edit the publication
  • To save money for publications compared to the traditional journals
  • Interact with all the scientists of the world in one place
  • Deliver the Nobel prize to the one who really made the discovery!?!?

Personally, I find this platform as a work area for the scientific works, because you can give access to your work to everyone in the world and interact with anyone can achieve stunning results. You probably know what the Github is- it is an open platform for development in the field of IT. So, ORVIUM, as I see it, is the Github for scientists.

The company carries out the initial placement of the coins. It will be the token ORV on the basis of the Ethereum with the issue of 378 333 333 ORV. This token will remove the "border" for payment. It's like the English language, that is the international standard of language among the developers. In the case of payment, each user can have a dollar, Euro, yuan, yen or Lira. Any transfer of funds is fraught with risks and delays. There is also the question of trust in the banking system in comparison with peer-to-peer transfers. I can describe the advantages of the cryptocurrencies in comparison with the Fiat money for a long time, but you know about it.

I think that the world is on the right track with respect to the blockchain. Such a project can give an impetus to the science and interaction in their environment.

I advise you to study the Whitepaper and other documents on the site.

Thank you for reading and attention.

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