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CrowdWiz ICO token sale is now LIVE. $ 5,902,338 Collected for now... The token sale ends in: 5 Days

Problems and Solutions

 The present centralized financial system mainly serves the vested in terest of a few major players  – big  banks, asset managers and other financial institutions. We are starting to see signs of the establishment  trying to defend its entrenched position, most recently evident in the blatant comments by Jamie  Dimon, CEO of JP  Morgan, about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We have seen a long history of  rent - seeking behavior by such large, inefficient and stagnant financial intermediaries, which have  become too - big - to - fail pillars and gate - keepers of the global financial syst em. The global financial crisis  of 2007 - 2008 and the European sovereign debt crisis of 2010 clearly demonstrated the deficiency of the  current banking system, rating agencies and governments to protect the interests of customers,  individual investors and c itizens


 How does it work?
The WizFund platform is a liberated ecosystem of investors, bringing flexibility and freedom through advanced technology. Every member has the right to vote and take the decision  where and how the fund should invest. Token-holders are free to invest  in newly-created funds or establish WizFunds of their own. Software  wizard will guide you through the process. 

The fund, portfolio type, voting mechanism, IFO (Initial Fund Offering) and fund size are among a comprehensive list of various parameters that can be set up. 

The WizFund platform is open to different numbers and social groups of investors  - starting from families and co-workers, to entire neighbourhoods and  cities, or even countries and continents, all whose citizens share the  same goal. 


To implement the CrowdWiz project and ecosystem, we plan to use the most advanced developments in  technology.  Our technical stack contains: Blockchain, BigData, Machine Learning and AI. The development is being conducted on industry proven platforms such as .NET, MSSQL Server, Node.js.  That said, we are permanently monitoring the latest software development trends for better  implementation options. To ensure full transparency of transactions, the blockchain technology was chosen as a decentralized  data storage.

 Crowd wisdom investments - the future in your hands

 Cut the middleman

One of the greatest and innovative things about CrowdWiz is that it  lets you cut all kinds of intermediaries. Our structure makes it  possible for investors to deal directly with other investors and access  funding, various bids and prices which otherwise might be blocked or  interfered by middlemen for exchange.      

Utilizing the wisdom of the crowd

We strongly believe in the power of investors! That’s why we allow  them to use their full potential by giving their control back. The  incapability of already established banking and financial institutions  has created strong demand for this change. 

 What is a WizFund?


  The WizFund platform is the natural sequel of our successful work in the field
As the pioneer in our line of investment products, it allows  participants to offer, assess and act on investment opportunities as one  against the market, thanks to their collective wisdom and insight. 

All capital decisions are subjected to a voting process executed through  smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain network, guaranteeing an  investment process of unmatched fairness and transparency, so the crowd  can determine the best actions. 

CrowdWiz highlights


Freedom and decentralization are the founding pillars for crypto  enthusiasts – characteristics, which can be applied to take control of  your investment strategies.       

Collective wisdom

CrowdWiz offers decentralization of investment with the opportunity to seamlessly create or join crowd-managed crypto funds.       

User friendly

With a full range of customized tools, market analysis and news feeds  the CrowdWiz Ecosystem is engaging and innovative, while also fun and  easy to utilize.  


 Token sale

The WIZ token grants exclusive access to the CrowdWiz Ecosystem.  Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the Token sale and become  part of the first crowd. 

 Token sale parameters

The CrowdWiz ecosystem is based on an open source cryptographic token named WIZ. Like other similar  cryptocurrencies, WIZ is transferable, fungible, and can be used openly for escrow/vote casting,  collateral for in vestments and trading. WIZ tokens will be listed on multiple exchanges and can be  traded by investors on the open market.


  • The WIZ Tokens give you voting rights across the entire ecosystem
  • Trade WIZ Tokens on major exchanges
  • Create your own WizFund and perform IFOs
  • Join WizFunds and participate in IFOs
  • Trade Crowd tokens on WizExchange


Webseite: https://crowdwiz.io/
Whitepaper: https://crowdwiz.io/docs/whitepaper-de.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Crowdwiz?_rdc= 1 & _rdr
Ann Thema: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2175726.0
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