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Daily routine - day seven - silhouette spider tanks and personal experience

Hello everyone!

Today I'll share more about spider tanks and some images I gathered. Let me start with the image of unsuspecting tank slowly turning around. I fear that he noticed the person taking the photo because of the shutter on the camera. Don't use loud cameras! :D

It is unknown what happened to the person taking the photo. Is he ok? Was he captured? Did he want to be captured to become a pilot? We won't know. Only thing we found was those two polaroid images and unfinished chocolate bar next to it.

In the second image you can clearly see that the creature is staring at its target. Like I said before, if you want to go hunt those use camera that is silent, cell phone with sound off or draw them in your sketchbook, diary or journal.

Inspired by those photos and stories of glory and fame, I took it upon myself to go and capture few images of the creatures myself. During the late afternoon I found a perfect spot. I was ready.

This tree was perfect. Following the instructions from the journ... I mean, if all the rumors and legends were correct this was a perfect place to capture the image of a spider tank hunting.

Then it happened! I was in for a surprise!

I was circling the tree and BAAAAAM! I was running for my life and took a snapshot while jumping over the small bush. He was chasing me and was gaining on me but I managed evade his attack and hide so he ran past me and disappeared into the woods. My heart was pounding! I was safe.

Then I heard someone whistling and raised up my head slowly. I took my camera and took a photo. Grin was stretching across my lips. I got the PERFECT photo.

Then I realized it was my friend, @fraenk.
I yelled to him: "Fraenk!!! Watch out!" But he just raised his head a little and grinned. The tank jumped from the tree and got him. He was laughing like mad as the spider tank carried him away. Well I hope you're happy now man. You're gonna be a pilot. :)

Anyways, I got home late. I was still shaking from the encounter and was tired from all the running. It was too late to post anything so I went to bed. That's why I haven't post anything last night. :p

All sketches, drawings and photos are my own.

Keep doing what you like and have fun!

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