The Aaron Platform is a new financial platform for people who are excluded from modern finance systems for a long time.
We aim to spread the free financial accounts to all people around the world and allow them to exchange money freely.

provides the financial services such as deposit, withdrawal, transfer, etc. for all currencies in the world by cooperation with TabiPay and Eco-Chains. And EveryCoin is used as the settlement currency of the Aaron Platform.

TabiPay is
a Bank-free Platform to provide free banking services to people who are financially excluded and need new financial services. TabiPay will extend services to all over the world, starting from 10 countries in South Asia initially.

Aaron Wallet and Aaron Exchange
offer the mutual exchange services in real time among Fiat currencies, Digital currencies of Eco-Chains as well as Cryptocurrencies through Currency Matching Engine technology.

This is guaranteed to improve the economic model of the financial world.

I want to tell you more about


. In this app, you can pay for purchases without a credit card. Anonymity is sometimes crucial, isn't it?

TabiPay is a Stable Coin which is exchanged 1 : 1 with Thailand Baht and can be exchanged for Everycoin which is used in Aaron Platform and for national currency or various digital currencies.
With other advantages, the developers have also provided a guarantee of issuance. TabiPay is issued within the value limits of Everycoin. FIAT Currency's reserved deposit is fully escrowed to the bank for double security.
The most important difference from other TabiPay stable coins is that only TabiPay can be used to pay for regular purchases, while the rest can only be used for cryptocurrency exchanges.

The launch of the global network TabiPay is scheduled for the second quarter of 2019. Starting with Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, the third quarter of 2019 is scheduled to launch in the US, China, Japan and other countries..


Everycoin as mentioned above will be used as an internal currency on the Aaron platform.
ICO lasts 2 months from 25.10.2018 to 25.12.2018.
The price of 1 ETH = 80 000 EYC. In this period, only 7 202 000 000 are available for purchase, the rest were sold on presale.

Summing up, I want to say that this project really deserves attention. Personally, I will closely monitor its development. By the way, the project team is quite experienced and has all chances to implement the project in full.

The official website contains all the necessary information about the project, team and ICO. By the way, the site is very convenient, all information is duplicated pictures. There you can also find Roadmap and Whitepaper.
Here are the official contacts:
Website: https ://www.everycoin.io
Blog: https ://blog.everycoin.io
Facebook: https ://www.facebook.com/aaron.jin.5895 Twitter: https ://twitter.com/ AaronJin20
Telegram: https://t.me/aaron_platform

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