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Able project

From what there is a profit of traditional banks - of a difference between the markets deposit and credit. However the cryptocurrency doesn't stand still and already now can offer some services from the bank sphere.

At last there was a new approach. Able project is a new blockchain the project which will allow to revolutionize the sphere of crediting. Now borrowers and investors won't need to be spent for intermediaries – everything will be directly. It has become possible thanks to the fact that the majority a blockchain of projects have decentralization and aren't controlled by the state which in turn could interfere with development of the project.

The important Able project support are so-called Able users the participant and the main knots. The user can use a set of services such as financial, investment products and many payments. The participant creates the products available to use by users. The main knots are responsible for work of the decentralized network through a certain algorithm. At the same time the main knots will receive service charges of transactions.

As it works
The scheme of Ponzi which is applied in deposit services of cryptocurrency will pay unstable high interest rates for deposits to 10% a month after 6 months of start. The government of Great Britain has imposed sanctions against this financial practice. Cryptocurrency banking services still enjoy small popularity and have no own model of business!

Generally they try to separate deposits from the credits that isn't suitable for high deposit rates. Moreover such practice won't solve a problem of the intermediate risks caused by centralization. Skillful proyekta-Sozdaniye the solution of problems and it is better for the purpose than the system of investment and crediting of system and various financial services.

What is offered by the platform

Now at his initial stages and to provide to Able project four kinds of activity. First investment and crediting by investment and crediting the corresponding engine. Secondly Salary and credit rating or the credit with use of cryptocurrency salary and payment service. The third simplified service of the payment and a rimessa simplified rimessy service of the address of the account and a stock. Fourthly the investments based on the initial offer of coins by the smart contract.

Development of an ecosystem
Able project has an own ecosystem which threatens Able the account and supports the third party which provides a set of financial services. Able project will add the decentralized DEX exchange for storage of smart contracts on the basis of various cryptocurrencies. Thanks to unique development of API Able project will be able to develop the financial platform with outer sides.

About smart contracts
Able project will act as the issuer of smart contracts and will provide the user environment which will help developers to support an ecosystem further. Payment by credit cards machine translations and payments for services will also be included in cryptocurrencies. In the future the most part of economic activity will be integrated with cryptocurrency financing.

The modern function provided by the ABLE project is a new way of money transfer of creation of the account and use of the developed product on the basis of smart contracts by inquiries of users to a framework. This application provides the website and smartphones applications to provide easy access to Able to system for users.

Able system multilevel both all corresponding layers and her components interact via standard API interfaces. Able API are intended for Able API blockchain and has the same function with API Ethereum. This API will be able to process personal data and details of users that it is usually difficult to make at registration in a public blockchain of Ethereum.

Able project has own able tokens which were developed for maintenance of Able of system and also for use in the platform. Able tokens are also used as a payment method on the platform as an example after registration of a new product it will be necessary to bring a quantity of tokens of system. Also after start of a product these tokens will always have to be in a turn.

And in conclusion ...

At the following stage at cancellation by users of the means system tokens also go to system. Eventually each user will be able to use able tokens to buy a certain product and services from the suppliers registered in system.


— Autor: upbit
— Donate: 0x4954c5CbB96ebD73EA18a1F3ECefc98362BF10F2

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