Advantages and possibilities of ABLE

The project is from Estonia, the purpose to create his blockchain platform for crypto - finance and management of assets. This subject is happy is popular in the last time, and the banking sector actively studies and introduces a technology blockchain in work.
Thanks to the ABLE project banking services will become much more transparent and it is safer.
The project will be interesting both to borrowers and creditors, they will be able to interact among themselves directly without banks saving the time and money. Any user of service will be able how to provide means and is busy to their other person!
On the platform there will be two types of coins ABLE coin and ABLE Dollar of the first services will be paid the second will be used for payments of interest.
All data will remain in the decentralized system that will make the transaction transparent for both parties and conditions of interaction won't change from far-fetched conditions.

The main opportunities of the ALBE project - Investment and crediting, Issue of proceeds of credit in cryptocurrencies, Payment service for payment of the salary, Mikroplatezhi - the Credit or debit card and a possibility of reserve money transfer, Investment into ICO projects.

And in conclusion I want to tell

Advantages of system - Absence of intermediaries all transactions undergo directly, Interest rates reduction on the credit for the borrower, Increase in profitability for the investor, Lack of risks, thanks to the decentralized system, Transparent conditions for all users.


— Autor: upbit
— Donate: 0x4954c5CbB96ebD73EA18a1F3ECefc98362BF10F2

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