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Almost everyone knows about the crypto currency. But not everyone can use this opportunity. And it's not just about remoteness and social status. There is also a moral aspect that does not allow those wishing to use crypto currency. I mean Islamic states, where the sharia does not allow this. But the matter is that it is possible to make so that work with криптовалалютой did not contradict these rules and norms. And this idea is already being realized.
ADAB solutions is a new crypto-currency project aimed at these countries and their inhabitants. This is the first crypto-currency platform, the actions of which do not contradict the Sharia law. The main goal of the project is to coordinate the crypto-currency assets and high moral and cultural values ​​of Islamic states. All this should lead to the creation of a global crypto-currency platform for both the Muslim people and the world.
The main feature of such a project is the Sharia advisory council at the head of the structure. ADAB solutions will be the first platform for launching halal projects.

Due to the ethnic uncertainty of the Muslims to the crypto currency, the inhabitants of these countries distance themselves from this process, which invariably leads to non-participation in the introduction of technological innovations.
Among the problems that are now observed in this field, I would single out the following:
The absence of regulation of the crypto-currency with Sharia law and the ability to trade on the crypto-exchange markets. These two main problems can be solved by the ADAB solutions project. Also, one can not but emphasize that the potential opportunities of this market are very large. After all, almost 2 billion people remain without access to the crypto-currency. In addition, compliance with Sharia law will not allow unfair operations and trade: this market can become a standard, a guarantee and security of crypto-currency transactions.
Problem solving.
The first crypto-exchange platform, corresponding to the norms of the Sharia.
ADAB solutions are called upon to unite the crypto-currency and sharia norms. The advisory council, consisting mainly of people who respect the laws of the Sharia, will study and promote the Crypto-currency.
A huge audience.
It has already been mentioned that the potential of this market is very large. After all, the sharia law is observed in the order of 120 countries located in Europe, Asia and North Africa.
A new market system.
The project ADAB solutions introduces the concept of crypto-currency in the norms of Sharia. This new topic will become the basis for self-regulation of the crypto-currency market and increase its credibility among Islamic states.
The ADAB solutions project has in its rudiment the highest safety standards and unique technical solutions that perfectly match reliable jurisdictions.


The ADAB solutions' token will receive a well-developed economic model of price maintenance, it can be freely exchanged for fiat funds or other crypto-currencies, tokens will be available to a lot of people from Muslim countries, the token will be used to pay commissions, the number of tokens will gradually decrease (deflation model). All of the above will lead to a steady increase in the price of this coin.
Currency exchange Fice.
Fice - crypto-exchange exchange of ADAB solutions project, corresponding to the norms of Sharia. This crypto exchange completely eliminates such shortcomings of modern exchanges, as:
Provision of immoral services;
Manufacture of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products;
Financial pyramids.
Also completely excluded are speculative transactions, marginal transactions or actions that do not comply with the norms of Sharia.

Participation in the ADAB solutions project.
Many who read this article will ask: "Why should we participate in the project, what will it bring to us"? Firstly, it is a huge client base for work. Secondly, the constantly increasing volume of transactions. Thirdly - a token, which goes to pay the commission. In addition, we can still highlight the development of innovative ideas in Islamic states.
Ensuring and observance of Shariah norms.
Islamic governance model.
The project will be managed according to the requirements of the Islamic system of corporate activity, which meets the standards of AAOIFI and IFSB.
Advisory Board.
The ADAB solutions project will be regulated by the council from the Islamic side, which honors the Sharia law.
Charitable Foundation.
The project will have its own charitable foundation. Quarterly, this fund will receive 5% of profits. Annually - 2.5% of revenue. However, each of the participants himself can contribute to this good deed.
Independent certification.
Heads of ADAB solutions will independently conduct certification of regulatory legal documents.
Annual audit.
Every year, project managers will conduct an audit on compliance with the principles of Islamic finance.

Road map.

June - September 2017.
The beginning of the study of the crypto-currency market in the Islamic community.

September - November 2017.
Formation of goals and tasks for solving the problem of access of the Muslim population to the crypto-currency market.

December - May 2018.
Development of philosophy and mechanics of exchange, based on the principles of the Islamic financial model.

September - November 2018.
The start of sales of tokens for financing and promotion of exchange of crypto-currencies in Islamic states.

July - September 2018.
Development of the software mechanism of the first Islamic crypto exchange.

October - December 2018.
Registration of the first Islamic crypto exchange. Start work on the resource AdabCrypto (News portal and forum for communication) and Adab Charity.

December 2018 - February 2019.
Issue Alfa-version of the first Islamic crypto exchange, functional and security check.

December 2018 - December 2019.
Launch a large-scale marketing campaign to attract new users.

April of 2019.
A beta release of the Islamic Exchange First Islamic Crypto Exchange (FICE) with the support of cross-platform trading clients.

July 2019.
The official launch of the first Islamic crypto exchange.

June - December 2019.
Expansion of the functional content of the first Islamic crypto exchange.

August of 2019.
Launch of the charitable organization Adab.

December 2019 - July 2020.
Creation of a reliable and developed infrastructure based on the principles of Islamic finance on the basis of the ADAB Solutions and First Islamic Crypto Exchange platform.



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