Today I will tell you about a spicy project. This project should attract an adult audience.
Token (ADUX) is a future adult entertainment project based on the ethereum blockchain.
The goal is to bring together the most important adult entertainment niches on a single platform and offer the user a decentralized network with user-friendly processing.
Adult x tokens (ADUX) and its integration with ADUxHub provide an absolute, unperceived all-in-one solution for the adult entertainment industry. With the market, live webcams and a social network based on blockchain technology, the entire adult entertainment industry is approaching as models / artists and companies from various niches in the industry can focus on Aduxub.
Based on the blockchain technology you create a comprehensive solution for the users of this industry. Far from state control, credit card payments and the exchange of these data, as well as cryptocurrency and the creation of new opportunities offered by this technology. Under the motto "Adult x token-everything in an adult entertainment industry solution," this project needs to be implemented by 2019.

The name of the main platform will be «ADUxHub» - the goal is to combine the most important adult entertainment niches on a single platform and offer users a decentralized network with user-friendly processing. In order to achieve the all-in-one goal, ADUxHub, the platform will include a rebate system where customers will receive
Discounts on products / services of future partner companies in the form of a voucher, a platform for adults in real time and a social network.
The payment must be made by an internal Adult x Token (ADUX) and other common cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). After the successful creation of the platform, a prepaid card will be displayed. It is called "Aduxpay Prepaid Card" and will be integrated as additional payment methods on the platform. "ADUxPay Prepaid" will also be used as an international form of payment In addition to the model / the artists receive the "ADUxPay Classic Prepaid Card" and can thus immediately Dispose of the earned money.

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