Advanced Age Depression

Advanced age depression the elderly often about everything...
Each period of human life has obstacles to overcome and challenges that must be tackled in its own right. Certain losses of life and end of life that is being approached with the thought that depression is caused many elderly people to enter.

The period of depression in older people lack the same productivity as before due to issues such as the development of solutions, decision to be held outside of the mechanism, leaving the house, children, friends or spouse, loss of age-related health problems such as age-old problems stems from.

Symptoms Of Depression In Older Age

Being discouraged and unmotivated
Frequent crying and irritability
To fidget, unrest
Two-three last weeks a state of deep grief
Weight gain and sleep problems
The doctors they could not find the cause, physical symptoms such as severe pain life
To take care of his appearance
Shows symptoms such as avoidance of the social environment. In addition, some biological changes in the brain can also be seen. The loss of brain cells, it may lead to some psychological problems of blockage of the arteries that feed the brain.

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