What is Adzbuzz vip

Adzbuzz vip is a great passive income source. It however is a profit shares so no immse returns While the adzbuzz vip is sold out it still available by users selling it.
Now here what the adzbuzz vip is:
Let’s do a simple calculation:

ADZbuzz refers 1 million highly targeted members (= 2 referrals per $ spent)
Every member generates $3 per month on average (very low estimate)
1000 spots in the joint venture
You earn $3000 every single month for life!
Our ultimate goal however is refer over 10 million users to ADZbuzz and partner platforms ourselves (using your affiliate link), and with evergreen promo campaigns this is definitely possible over time.

In order to achieve our goal, we will focus on multiple platforms and have a business plan and promo strategy for each one of them.

As mentioned, all of these platforms are connected to our main viral site ADZbuzz and if somebody signs up to any of these, he becomes automatically your referral for all platforms for life!

So here’s an overview of all the income streams that you’ll earn from when joining the ADZbuzz VIP Co-op Advertising program:

    ADZbuzz Savers is a price comparison shopping search engine where consumers can find the best price for the products they want to buy. Advertisers have the chance to advertise directly to consumers, saving them a lot of money in the process.

adzbuzz savers homepageSave
Business model:

All merchants are listed for free
They can pay for premium placements
Affiliates earn 50% for attracting new merchants
This model is similar to Google’s business model in which they list all search results for free and charge advertisers for related ads on top of the search results. The difference is that we are only listing products and merchants can advertise their products on top of other merchant’s products in the search results.

ADZbuzz Services allows publishers, bloggers and internet marketers to outsource small tasks such as design work, coding, Seo, writing and numerous other things.

Business model:

Everybody can list their service for free
They are charged $1 for every $5 spent
Affiliates earn 50% of the fee for every sale
This is the same business model used by micro-job marketplace Fiverr, but we introduce an attractive affiliate program which will help to grow the platform and earn affiliates commissions whenever their referrals purchase a service for life.

Many bloggers earn an extra income by selling products in their own store. To make it easier we will allow them to integrate an ADZbuzz products store on their blog, and help them drive more sales from the ADZbuzz products market directly, a double benefit.

adzbuzz products marketSave
Business model:

Everybody can list their products for free
They are charged 5% for every sale
Additional advertising options are available
Affiliates earn 50% of the fee for every sale including ads
This is a similar marketplace as Etsy but without the fee for listing items. All Etsy shop owners will have the opportunity to upload all the products in their store In a matter of minutes and get more sales for their products without worrying about the listing fee. Affiliates will earn every time one of their referrals buys a product in one of the stores or on the ADZbuzz Products Market.

The ADZbuzz training center will become the ultimate learning center with 1000’s of courses listed on numerous topics. By listing courses instructors will be able to earn extra revenue.

adzbuzz training centerSave
Business model:

Instructors can upload courses to the training center
Members pay a monthly fee of $19,99 to access all courses
Instructors earn based on metrics from our algorithm
Affiliates earn 33% of the monthly subscription fee
This is the same business model as Lynda.com which also charges a monthly fee to access all courses rather than having students pay about the same price for one course as on Udemy. Affiliates will earn recurring monthly commissions from all their referrals if they join the training center.

To make the ADZbuzz project grow from within we will launch a crowdfunding platform similar to Kickstarter, but only targeted to ADZcoin / ADZbuzz related products. This will both help the project itself and add an extra income source for affiliates.

adzbuzz crowdfundingSave
Business model:

Post an ADZ related project on ADZbuzz Crowdfunding
Members can pledge to get rewards
ADZbuzz gets 5% of the total pledged amount
Affiliates earn 50% of ADZbuzz commissions
Kickstarter has raised billions of dollars in funding for creative projects, so having our own platform with ADZbuzz related projects that receive financing will surely benefit the entire ADZbuzz platform. Plus as an affiliate you will earn half of the fees ADZbuzz collects from your referral’s pledged money.

We already have a marketplace for services which can be used to outsource small tasks, but what about a marketplace for bigger projects? On ADZbuzz Freelancers you’ll be able to post projects and get freelancers bidding on it so you can determine who you want to hire.

adzbuzz freelancersSave
Business model:

Everybody can post a project for free
Freelancers can bid on any project for free
ADZbuzz collects a 5% fee on all awarded projects
Affiliates earn 50% of ADZbuzz commissions
The cornerstone of an online business is outsourcing tasks you cannot do yourself to grow. Whether it’s creating a new website, promoting an existing one or developing a new script, this can all be posted on the ADZbuzz Freelancer marketplace and awarded to freelancers for a fee. Affiliates can earn from the projects that get awarded from either the employers or the freelancers they refer.

Buying and selling websites is a big business. Web properties are assets and can be sold for a lot of money when maintained well and generating traffic and revenue. ADZbuzz will create a marketplace where websites can easily be bought and sold.

adzbuzz website marketplaceSave
Business model:

Everybody can create a listing for free
ADZbuzz earns 10% per sale
Additional advertising services are available
Affiliates earn 50% of ADZbuzz fees
This is the same business as Flippa.com but without charging site owners to list their site and a lower success fee when the site gets sold. Plus we offer affiliates a generous commissions if their referrals either buy or sell a site.

Our target audience is web publishers and bloggers. In order to attract an audience for our hosting business we will offer a solution that will automatically deduct their ADZlink earnings from their hosting bill if they want to, saving them some money every month.

adzbuzz hosting and domainsSave
Business model:

Set up our servers
Create hosting packages
Charge a monthly fee
Affiliates earn 50% of the monthly fee
Because the profit margin of hosting companies is so high we can offer a ridiculous monthly recurring affiliate commission of 50%. Usually hosting companies pay a one-time fee so this will be pretty unique in the business and ensure we can attract a lot of customers by leveraging the power of our affiliate program and business model.

Starting a website is easy when you can have a pre-built theme installed. WordPress is one software package that offers developers the chance to build amazing themes on top of it and sell it to people who want to build a site. On this marketplace they will eb able to do that.

adzbuzz theme marketplaceSave
Business model:

Create a marketplace for themes and templates
Charge a 10% fee for every sale
Affiliates earn 50% of the ADZbuzz fee
This is the same business model as on Themeforest but with a much more rewarding fee structure and affiliate program.

WordPress plugins, little scripts or even social share buttons. All of these things that make websites more user-friendly or more effective in reaching their potential can be bought in the ADZbuz script marketplace.

adzbuzz script marketplaceSave
Business model:

Create a marketplace for scripts and plugins
Charge a 10% fee for every sale
Affiliates earn 50% of the ADZbuzz fee
This is the same business model as Codecanyon but again with a much better fee structure and affiliate program for both sellers and affiliates.

The daily profit of all ADZbuzz income sources is split between web publishers and ADZbuzz users. All members of ADZbuzz who login daily and add value to the platform are rewarded a daily bonus.

adzbuzz homepageSave
Business model:

Attract users who like to discover new content
Reward users for engaging with publisher’s content
Increase brand awareness from the ADZlink by attracting more and more web publishers
Affiliates earn 50% of what their referrals earn from daily rewards
The ADZbuzz affiliate program itself is one of the most easy ways to earn and will guarantee you earn daily profits. In fact, this affiliate program alone would make a nice income source for the ADZbuzz VIP offer!

The ADZbuzz affiliate program is paid in ADZcoin straight to member’s ADZcoin wallet. On ADZbuzz we offer a service to safely store your coins from daily rewards and coins you bought on exchanges without having to worry about other systems.

adzbuzz web walletSave
Business model:

Offer secure offline storage of ADZcoin
Charge a small 0.1% fee for every withdrawal
Affiliates earn 50% of the withdrawal fee
If you have 1000+ referrals in your account then this alone can become a very nice income stream on top of everything else. Coins get bought and sold all the time and you can easily collect 50% of the withdrawal fee whenever a transaction occurs.

The ADZbuzz exchange will allow members to easily exchange ADZcoin for Bitcoin or vice versa. Later on we will expand this to fiat currencies too so there will be no need to even leave ADZbuzz to exchange ADZ for dollars or euros.

adzbuzz exchangeSave
Business model:

Offer a buy and sell wall on our exchange
Offer an auto-exchange feature to easily buy or sell coins
Charge a small fee of 0.1% for every trade
Affiliates earn 50% of every trading fee of their referrals
Exchanges with high volume make a lot of money that’s for sure. We have the goal of increasing our exchange to a trading volume of millions of dollars every day. In due time this will happen and as more and more people trade, your affiliate income will rise.

Finally we will offer a range of exclusive deals, only found on ADZbuzz and sell them inside our platform. These deals will mainly be products that are helpful for publishers and bloggers.

adzbuzz exclusive dealsSave
Business model:

Partner up with product creators
Get an exclusive discount / coupon we can offer members
Affiliates earn 10-50% of every sale
To start we have 3 exclusive deals for sale on ADZbuzz namely Profit Canvas, Mail It WordPress plugin and the lifelong traffic offer. More products will be added frequently to offer highly discounted or extremely beneficial products for both buyers and affiliates.

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