AEN - Adult Ecosystem Based on Blockchain Technology

In a world that is dominated by a handful of big players everything revolves around having the right connections, experience and quality content. The AEN team aims to be the first global incentive based adult entertainment network of the world powered by Blockchain Technology. The AEN team completely outclasses its competition at all possible levels. We are not only backed by the industry... we are the industry! With an already established porn network, active both online, offline as in mainstream media, a steadily growing customer base with over two million active users, professional webcam models, premium adult sites, video-on-demand platforms, erotic shops, magazines and a global distribution network, the AEN team has all the right tools, connections, skills and expertise, to make this project a guaranteed success. And with our main project PornScope, a decentralized live streaming application (DAPP), aka The Periscope of Porn, we will shake up the entire sex industry!

AEN a new trading platform based on successful blockchain methods that demonstrate the market and change the functioning of the financial ecosystem. This technique uses its platform counterparts to be some way to support the trading method for a few fantastic quality varieties. Additionally, this platform conjointly uses its own legendary cryptocurrency that is understood to be the Token trade.

One of the most ideas of our project is that the removal of intermediaries or third parties within the sex business and making certain the comeback of management to those that receives and obtains it. As a decentralized market, we tend to create product supported complete anonymity and security. Once engaged on peer-to-peer information, our portal is known employing a broadcast address, not an IP address.

Our mission

With the aim of providing everybody the chance of sharing their sexual wishes with others while not shame and with total management over their identity, we tend to develop an adult ecosystem based on Blockchain technology.

The future of the platform AEN as a first-generation platform that gives solutions to issues with investors that can't air time and each time that changes within the crypto market or the same old ups and downs of costs occur in crypto, this platform is searched by potential users United Nations agency square measure prepared for automatic notification on their mobile devices to go away the globe while not the smallest amount of their activities. Seeks to make Associate in Nursing scheme that conceptualizes on the mutual profit between traders and users, yet as a platform that may ceaselessly support the soundness of sales. to resolve the issues that square measure usually found by most investors, AEN involves solve it whereas providing intelligent solutions with a platform that helps the performance and simple access to their accounts.

Partner system

  • Adult networks as we measure their success based on the number of visitors, quality traffic is very important and is one of the best ways to achieve this goal. exposure. AEN has luxury in such a way that it successfully utilizes the existing network. Paid advertising is also possible, but nothing works better than verbal advertising from users and players.
  • We encourage affiliates to withdraw traffic to our entertainment network for adults, giving them rewards with 20% of all purchases made by users. be their introduction. Lifetime!

Tokenized store system

  • Although the market for static content (video, images, recordings) continues to decline, reasonable money is still the best way for implementers and platform owners to receive additional income,
  • Fans are always looking for a unique, never see documentary, which presents favorite artists. Some may have missed the last broadcast (broadcast). Why do we have to limit players to only a stream of income, while there are many other pieces of cake that are common?
  • It is true! And this is where our trading platform is comfortable; It provides a semi-automatic way for artists to sell and distribute their broadcasts. They can even add custom content, such as photo albums, videos, and documents.
  • Like most of our features, players can change the storage system and turn off in their profile settings. If enabled, recording is automatically archived and provided directly to a personalized store.

Decentralized advertising market

  • Our internal advertising market is built to allow players and advertisers to close direct transactions without intermediaries. This feature is completely free and means that the ad is called an ad. For a moment, to give financial rewards to players, to experience or consider new adult products, such as toys or underwear, and / or offer them a percentage reduction for each product. sold through their channels.

Supported by Established Businesses
With established networks, active both online, offline as in the mainstream media, the AEN team has all the right tools, connections, skills and expertise at home, to make this project guaranteed success.

Porn sites
Premium sites, free sites, porn blogs, and webcamsex sites are directly used to promote Pornscope.

Mainstream media
Mainstream applications and TV channels are used to make Pornscope known to millions of viewers.

VOD platform
Our porn-on-demand platform offers Pornscope users the opportunity to experience how pornographic films are made.

Sex Shop
Both online adult stores and retail retail stores will be used to promote Pornscope and all participating AEN partners.

Live performances
Curly live sex shows will empower Pornscope with unique content, bringing you the next generation of live entertainment.

Porno Shoots
Our producers (partners) will offer unique behind-the-scenes footage, showing customers how pornographic videos are made.

Escort Platform
Amazing highclass escorts, go dancers and strippers will take care of online and offline marketing.

Distribution Network
Adult products will be used for gifts and awards, and as
additional income tools for players.

AEN is a superb ICO application.think commercial enterprise is pretty notable. It attracts people often.skilled and professional cooperation is hard to acquire.we are able to build the capability to reap desires.

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