AERGO - or 5 reasons why it is worth taking part in the reward program.

1.One of the first and main reasons is that this is a project from Blocko

Blocko is a working Korean block, which was founded in 2014. They are developing a software-based middleware platform for digital ID cards and payment services, its flagship product, Coinstack, is widely used by large financial and technical firms such as Lotte Card, Hyundai Card, Samsung SDS and LG CNS. At one time they attracted investments from Samsung SDS, the IT and logistics division of Samsung Group. Since 2017, together with Samsung SDS create a business platform Nexledger, for Samsung Card, the largest conglomerate of credit cards in Korea. It is also known that in June 2018 attracted another $ 8.9 million.

As we can see, the client base is very large now, which means that Aergo, as a subsidiary, has customers who will work with them.

2. Strong team.

The Aergo team is essentially the whole composition of the founders and developers of Blocko.

Phil Zamani - is a member of the board of directors in Aergo and concurrently the chief operating officer of Blocko is one of the leading organizations in South Korea to assist in the implementation of blockbuster solutions for the corporate sector with vast experience. At the moment they have implemented a solution - Coinstack - SDK for the implementation of blocking technology in the company and the development of dApps. Among the partners and customers are many world-famous corporations and companies - IBM, Hyundai, Samsung, LG, SK Telecom, Cisco, Lotte, etc. Also, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Servises are recorded in partners. Soon, their application will be available in Azure to help integrate the blocking solutions of Coinstack. Work experience with Phil has been traced as far back as 1986 in various positions and in various IT companies, among them such positions as vice president of sales and business development in the European branch of Synopsys (one of the leaders in the global software development market), several various management positions in Deutsche telecom, FinTechCity participant - FinTech50 (a serious conglomerate of people from the field of innovative technologies) - which indicates the presence of serious ties with this representative in the environment of innovation and the technological sector.

Hun Young Park - has 10 years of experience as a software developer at different levels. It is in the database that is very important for the development of the project directions. Worked in Tmaxsoft - a South Korean international company specializing in corporate software. TmaxSoft is by far the largest provider of corporate software systems in the Republic of Korea, as of 2013 and is a member of JCP. In 2016, the company released its own Linux based operating system, which allows you to run Windows applications. Since January 2018 Hun Young Park is a CTO in Blocko. On his facebook page, there are many representatives of different top companies - Google, Samsung and representatives of Asian large companies, as well as CFO Huobi and Strategy Lead in FoundationX.

Roderik van der Graaf - since 1994, has been working closely and successfully in the financial sector. In such companies as Bear Sterns, HSBC and Deutsche bank. At the moment he is the founder of lemniscap - a fund and consulting firm specializing in block projects with a very interesting and steep portfolio, and also an adviser in Blocko.

Won-Beom Kim is the founder of Blocko. Has 6 years of experience with databases in the already known organizations TmaxSoft and S-Core. Is a technical adviser Lemniscap. Тhat is, it is closely associated with all members of the Council.

Jane Lee-6 years worked in Accenture in the field of strategic planning. Accenture is a consulting company that provides services to advisory organizations in the areas of strategic planning, optimization and organization of business process outsourcing, customer relationship management, logistics processes management, personnel management, information technology implementation. The number of employees of the company is about 380 thousand, they also serve customers in more than 120 countries.

Alison Eujin Shim-she also worked for 5 years with Accenture, where she also worked on strategic planning.

As for the technical team of the project, we can see among them:

Kyung Tae Lee- has 12 years experience in developing relational databases and queries.

Sung Jae Woo - 9 years of experience with the buffer of relational DBMS and the development of IO.

Yun Woo Park - has 10 years of experience in relational databases and distributed management system, as well as the main developer of software in the field of R & D.

Pierre-Alain Ouvrard is a developer of Python, Solidity (freelance scaling and plasma research).

Bernardino Ramos has 19 years of software development experience. The creator of Binn, LiteReplica and LiteSync

That is, a good technical team - all the people from Blocko Plus have experience before. The team for business and marketing is the same situation. All are tied to Blocko and some members of the business team, in principle, with no experience outside Blocko.

3. The third reason is the cool advisers.

Eddy Allen is an expert in the field of communications security. For 13 years, he led special projects for the UK government, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for five years he was the chairman and CEO of the HMGCC, the FCO agency dedicated to designing, manufacturing and integrating secure communications and cyber systems for the UK government. At the moment, he works in the field of innovative start-ups, in the field of security and cyber security, as well as advisor to the Sans Institute.

Pierre Suhrcke is a fintech expert and an investor in Europe. He has been working in this sector for about 19 years, for all the time he was at various management positions in investment banking at Deutsche Bank in London and Frankfurt. Currently, Pierre is a Venture partner of the European investment company Tempo cap and a member of the Board of Directors of Acorus Capital, the Hong Kong private equity company. He is an angel investor, mentor and advisor to companies working with more than 20 successful companies (USA and Europe). He is often invited as an expert to the leading conferences. What is noteworthy is FinTechCity - FinTech 50.

Vincent Zhou - one of the founders of the FBG Capital fund, (one of the top funds in the field of blockage) in their portfolio can see - Zilliqa, NuCypher, Republic Protocol, Origin Protocol, Terra, Eximchain, MakerDAO, Fragments and so on.

Sinhae Lee is currently a partner of the GBIC crypto-oriented fund. The fund's portfolio is impressive-ICON, Mainframe, Perlin, Nebulas, Origo, Aelf, Metadium, IoTex. Theta, Eximchain and many other serious projects.

Riad Hartani - has a scientific degree in the field of artificial intelligence. He is often invited as a lecturer, speaker and expert to the leading industry forums and institutes. He is a technologist and strategist with more than 20 years of contribution to the development of the Internet and mobile technologies and AI. Previously, he co-founded and headed several high-tech start-ups (such as Caspian, Anagram, Wichorus). He also advised more than 10 leading technology corporations, private investors and a number of governments and regulators, was the co-founder of Xona's partners - an investment firm of high-tech start-ups.

Djamel Souici is an expert in jurisprudence in the field of technology, licensing and business models. Leading adviser in the field of data confidentiality and regulation (eg GDP). Member of the German Barr. 19 years as general counsel for several innovative software firms, has developed a number of strategic partnerships with many Fortune 100 companies in various sectors such as telecommunications, financial services, government communications, automotive, petrochemicals, logistics , retail and health care. Well, and no less important, is a qualified and experienced negotiator, as well as an expert in international mergers and acquisitions.

Julian Lenz - an investor and adviser in a number of block projects. It is associated with many teams of start-ups that work in the field of innovative solutions for blocking technologies. Previously, he was an advisor and mentor of many startups related to cryptography. He has connections with developers, partners, incubators and other research groups - who are studying ways to solve real business problems using blockchain technology. Acts as the trustee of many projects, crypto-funds and influential persons.

Jake Kim is a novice investor and entrepreneur. Has 20 years of experience in the financial services market, consulting and development of large-scale back-end and middleware systems. Currently he manages Innobase, corporate venture capital Kolon group.

4. Project focus + large customer base

In this paragraph, you can write a lot about what a cool project, etc., but I will not do it.

Let's drop the emotions and look at the facts.

Who is the nearest competitor? - Correctly ICON, IMHO it is already a plus (well, you understood what).

So, the project offers solutions for business. And here we remember the first item - Blocko, which already has a customer base in the form of companies such as Hyundai Card, Samsung SDS, LG CNS, Cisco, etc. So the guys already have someone to work with and this is an obvious plus.

But let's go briefly on the technology itself.

Aergo is a block 4.0 that is aimed at the corporate sector, that is, in fact they intend to expand the capabilities of organizations so that they can adapt their deployments to the needs, according to their needs.

With the ability to deploy in both public and private lockers, Aergo provides enterprises with the flexibility to develop and deploy applications with high speed, scalability and performance.

Moreover, Aergo is designed as a flexible infrastructure of smart contracts based on plug-ins, by the way, one of the three technical documents of the project is devoted to smart contracts.

The Aergo network will be revoked by gigub-like publicly accessible and permitted distributed directory repositories (DDs). By implementing Smart Oracles, Aergo will also allow smart contracts to use data from external services or internal databases and initiate events.

The project has three main architectural functions that form the Aergo platform:

1) Aergo chain is a new block protocol that is designed to mitigate the problems that public blockades are currently facing. It is aimed at incorporating a smart contract platform based on SQL (not just Solidity), as well as advanced features.

2) Aergo Hub - block-hosting, which acts as an open interface for building, testing deployment and management of independent blockhouses based on Aergo Chain. Aergo Hub, enriched with tools and support services, is committed to implementing the Aergo Chain blockchain protocol and supporting services.

3) Aergo Marketplace - a single platform for trading applications and computing assets. Computing assets will include: storage space, processing power, algorithms, content, etc.

It is planned to access the Aergo Marketplace through the public interface of Aergo Hub.

More detailed in their WP.

Technical WP:

General WP:

And those. document on smart contracts:

5. Well, the last reason - tokens, which only private investors and funds could buy, you get for FREE.

Great idea, is not it? remember the project FANTOM, there for 2 million organized a public sale and all fled, but here 3 million dollars in tokens give! In my opinion, it's very cool to get $ 250-500 or even $ 2 000 in tokens, which, obviously, will bring even more profits)))

In general, if the previous 4 points did not convince you, go past, and if you decide to try, follow the instructions on their Medium:

The program is already underway, the application form will be on the site from 1 to 7 October, so everyone is lucky!

This article is also available in the Telegraph and in Russian on Medium / Telegraph

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