One of the most important developments of recent years is the blockchain technology and the new and revolutionary projects that arise accordingly. In the wake of the huge and serious development of this technology, ultimate model devices and additional intelligent devices have been introduced in every area of ​​our lives. In fact, in this regard, especially in the context of the innovations in the Internet revolutionary structure, it has always been very simple to reach knowledge. Now, every work, our activity, our work, our lives are developing in a way that our lives will be totally adapting to the digital world. Now let's examine the DEEP AERO DRONE platform, one of these platforms.What is Deep Aero DRONE?
Measured online at DeepAero.com, Deep Aero is an ico platform targeted at making a quality drone economy built on blockchain, backed by artificial intelligence.
The aim is to completely convert the urbanization system by providing aviation and cargo delivery on demand.
Basically, Deep Aero wants to create a Uber with the desire to fly, allowing everyone to order a drone at the desert of the countryside or cargo delivery. 

 Flight plans meet all regulatory requirements based on AI, based on the rules of airspace intelligence for friendly spaces to the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles. The Deep Aero platform makes integration between UTM systems more harmonious, and will further enable the industry, including manufacturers, service providers and end users, to safely and efficiently use drones without disrupting the existing manned aircraft system.Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, are aircraft without a human pilot on a wide territory. (UAV) are a component of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAS) system, which includes a UAV, a ground controller and a communication system between them. The flight of unmanned aerial vehicles can work with different degrees of autonomy, either with remote control by a human operator or autonomously from on-board computers. The development of the world of aviation technology is currently growing very rapidly by one of them since the advent of unmanned aerial vehicles or unmanned aerial vehicles, aircraft of this aircraft have become more popular in the community, as there are so many uses. 

Application of Deep Aero in the areas of human activity:

• Scatter of herbicides for agricultural needs• Animal husbandry. Control and assistance in the management of herds of farm animals.• Aerial photography.• Firefighting.• Delivery of parcels and correspondence.• Air Transport.• Monitoring of traffic of cars and railway transport.• Inspection of pipelines.• Forestry survey and supervision.• Wildlife protection.• Maintenance and inspection of power lines. 

 The team is very experienced and highly qualified in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles and blocks.Members include professionals such as Kamaldep Dhanju, who is the chief technical architect, Thomas McLaughlin, who is the chief architect of Blockchain Architect, Navin Kapoor, who currently works for Blockchain Expert, and Aditya Bharti, who works as a robotics engineer. These people show that the minds behind this project understand the technical characteristics of the drone very well, thereby making them the right people to pave the way for the economy of unmanned aerial vehicles. Given that the founding group has focused on the team of technological development, rather than on business operations, then they have the right choice in order to get a start from their roots and into a functioning product.Deep Aero would create an unmanned economy based on AI, UTM Deep Aero and the Deep Aero market; The block chain acts as an additional factor for each of the company's services. Details of crowdsale project DEEP AERO: Project Token DEEP AERO:Name of the token - DRON Block - Ethereum (ERC-20) Total number of tokens - 5 000 000 000 
Distribution of DRON tokens:50% Crowdsale 10% Pre-Sale 25% Founders (blocked for 24 months) 10% Advisors 3% Marketing ICO of the DEEP AERO projectTerms of the Pre-Sale - from March 30 to April 15, 2018 ICO takes place in 3 stages. Dates of the 1st stage of the ICO - May 1-15, 2018. Dates of the 2nd stage of the ICO - from May 15 to June 1, 2018. Dates of the 3rd stage ICO - from June 1, 2018 Price of the token: 1 DRON = 0.05 $ Hard Cap: 75 000 ETH 

 The project is interesting and unique in its kind. The platform has a well-equipped, motivated team that strives to improve the sphere of cargo transportation, the prospect of widespread use of this platform is quite real, especially due to the absence of any obvious competitors in this field.

Website: https://www.deepaero.com/

WP: https://www.deepaero.com/docs/DEEP-AERO-White-paper.pdf

BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic 

Telegram: https://t.me/deepaerodrones

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeepAeroDrones

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeepAeroDrones/ 



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