Airshow but no one got the memo

The last couple of days small stunt planes keep flying by here in the city. The thing was, nobody could really tell me if this was just a practise or if this was an airshow or if war is on the way here in Switzerland.


Last week also there were two sonic booms in the middle of the day of two jets chasing foreign planes that were in Swiss airspace. And Friday the small planes seemed to be practising right above the hospital where I work.

I have a big opinion about this. Not because of the sound (maybe also because the sound, because the area of sick patients needs to be calm for their healing I find) but because of safety reasons. Let's be pessimistic and say that a collision would happen mid air over the hospital, and parts of debris would fall on top of the hospital, which then would be not functional anymore AND have more victims in there. I am sorry, but to me you would always have to rule out this possibility and therefore practise your airshow somewhere else.

But who am I in the end?


Yeah, I am also the person who enjoys these hearts in the sky :)

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