Alpha-X review of ICO


AlphaX is absolutely new generation of cryptocurrency on the basis of Scrypt with use of full network Proof of Stake (POS). The transactions made in block network Alpha-X instant and almost happen in real time, they are completely anonymous and confidential and also are very safe. All operation is carried out over self-regulating architecture of network of the decentralized P2P Alpha-X network. We intend to make as well as virtual cash (plastic cards) that he could provide liquidity and usefulness in real time in the market.

The alpha and X agenda consists in changing all side of office tokens, using blockchain technology for overcoming historical shortcomings of traditional system. When this technology is combined with intuitively clear user interface and a harifikation, the new level of credibility and enthusiasm will be created among community to create new confidence and nervousness for a new ecosystem of a useful era.

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Investments into ICO, review and analysis of tokens

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