Alpha token - ico for a multifunctional platform.

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Alpha token is an ico for a multifunctional platform, one of the features being the ability to launch icos off of this ico.

AlfaToken is an easy-to-use service for creating your own token and very smart contracts for any kind of business relationship, especially the ALFA TOKEN business. users can make token and smart contracts very easily. their own for Pre ICO or ICO campaigns on various blockblock networks without any programming skills. The supported blockers are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, NEM, Ethereum Classic, Waves, BitShares. Users can choose blockchain, and pay for the service once they get the investment.

First off, Alpha token (ATK) enables users to issue a smart contract across a number of platforms, without the need for coding skills. The ico will have the ability to launch more icos. Starting to make sense? The ATK platform is compatible with Ethereum, Waves, NEM and others. This could go either way. This takes away some of the barriers to issuing an ico, so that someone with a good plan but no coding skills can get their project out into the markets and start working more easily. On the other hand, for every exceptional ico there are copy cat platforms and out right bad projects. Personally I would like to see things get easier because I think holding a good project back is worse then allowing a few bad projects to go forward.

Secondly, the ATK platform is only going to experience growth if two conditions are met. The first condition is obviously the ATK platform needs to gain popularity with users. This is self explanatory. The second condition has to do with the rate at which icos are released. As of right now the ico issuances have seen a boom. Some call it a bubble, although I'm not sure that it is. Others seem to think the rate of new icos coming onto markets will increase by next year. Although I'm not sure which direction the rate of new icos will take, in my opinion there will have to be an increase (either in quality or quantity) in that rate in order for the ATK platform to become successful.

nitial Stock Initial Offering

STAR: September 29, 2017 10:00 CET
END: October 29, 2017 10:00 CET


100 million ALFA tokens are made in Ethereum
30 million (30%) submitted for Pre ICO
30 million (30%) will be submitted to ICO
5 million (5%) is reserved for Bounty Program

There are rumors of a number of potential competitors issuing their own ico launch platforms. ATK is going to have to build a platform that affords them advantages over their competition if they want to become popular. This is easier said then done. Though there are rumors as to what other projects will be rolling out, I haven't seen much that is definite yet. Without having the specifics of what the competition is doing, there is no way to put competitive features in place.

I would also like to point out that although the ATK team may have skilled professionals on board, I don't see any listing for legal advisors. I personally feel that legal advisors fill a key role in any project and feel more comfortable with projects that have an extensive legal department.

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