ICO is an initial coin offering. This is a very effective way to raise funds, which is used by new projects in the field of cryptocurrency. At the same time, due to the growing popularity, the number of ICO has increased very quickly in a few years.
However, not all of them, which received sufficient funding, were implemented in accordance with the plan. Of course, some platforms proved to be very reliable and fulfilled the promises made to investors and participants. But we can not ignore those projects that have failed for one reason or another, due to the lack of elaboration of the implementation plan or the lack of necessary competence of developers and employees of the site, as well as many others. According to some reports, only a small part of the ICO has been launched and is successfully developing. This is due to the fact that a large share of them is created only as a cover for collecting money and deceiving investors hoping to make a profit.
They are very difficult to distinguish from projects that deserve trust, because they have all the necessary components for stable development. Therefore, at the moment the number of ICO that were created for the purpose of fraud continues to grow, as well as the number of deceived investors. It should be noted that their volume to a large extent exceeds the legal projects. This, at times, puts potential investors in a dead end, because it is very difficult to choose among the huge variety of really working platform. Therefore, there is a long overdue need to develop a specialized platform, the functionality of which would include checking the ICO for reliability and efficiency. This would help investors to keep large amounts of money and direct it to a more profitable direction.

This platform is BlokBiz. It is an ICO in the blockchain community. However, it can not be called an ICO in the usual sense, when the organization is engaged in attracting funds from investors, offering to buy internal tokens of the platform. But, at the same time, BlokBiz is an organization whose functionality includes the regulation of the ICO community and at the same time ensuring honesty and transparency in relation to the activities of other ICO. In order to achieve this goal, BlokBiz implements a preliminary assessment of projects before they get approval to continue their activities, or ban it in case of non-compliance with the basic requirements and requests.
If you decide to take advantage of the advantages offered by the ICO community, you can be sure that the platform will provide you with a list of the most reliable projects for implementation, which can significantly minimize the risks of capital loss.

Project feature

  1. Verification of compliance of the information provided by the platform with respect to its activities. The specialists of the organization conduct a study on the cash flow, the tasks set by the platform, information about business owners and some other information important for the confirmation of efficiency. Without such verification, market entry will be opened to many fraudulent projects that set themselves the goal of raising money and deceiving investors.
  2. Ensuring a high degree of investor safety. The organization conducts compliance checks on some important documents, including the certificate of registration, proof of address, identity of shareholders and so on. Those projects that do not provide all the necessary documents are called into question in terms of their honesty and integrity.
  3. Official resources of the project. In order to improve the efficiency of the platform, as well as to increase the profits of investors, the project uses its official resource for another tool that helps to improve the safety of investment in the industry, as well as to minimize possible risks. This resource uses artificial intelligence. In addition, the platform offers an algorithm that controls the digital currency market in real time. By conducting regular research, the organization makes forecasts that can help increase investor profit.
  4. Protection against unwanted electronic messages.
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