Information about user data on social platforms is almost in the public domain. We are talking about the questionnaire, which is filled out by people during registration, as well as after it — place of work, residence, personal photos and video archive, interests and so on. Moreover, it is interesting that most of the information provided is available even without the need to register. The remaining data can be found if you add the user as a friend. If any part of the information is hidden, for example, personal messages, if necessary, access to it will have the project administration or special services, with special permission or a court decision. In simple words, the longer a person is present in the social network, communicates, puts a variety of data about yourself, the more information you can get without much difficulty. This can take advantage of not only your friends, but also scammers and other outsiders.
You need to keep in mind and another feature inherent in Internet networks. We are talking about different communities in which people communicate. Therefore, it is often possible to meet the fact that a person can be registered in several networks that differ in one or another direction. Thus, the network brings together many professionals in a particular field of knowledge that communicate with each other. Moreover, it can be not only about communication, but also the search for employees, as well as the solution of certain professional issues.

Foresting is a unique mobile service for social media, the work of which is based on blockchain technologies. Interestingly, this platform will be available to any user, even if he does not have specialized knowledge about the cryptocurrency sphere. The platform is designed to enable the realization of the value of content, as well as to provide relevant benefits to users.

Features of the project

After the introduction of the innovation ecosystem, Foresting will provide the following functionality to the platform members:

  1. Platform. So, the activity of the project is to work on the similarity of Blockchain for social platforms.
  2. Banking organization. The center of the ecosystem is the ability to provide various financial services aimed at motivating users to create high-quality content.
  3. Laboratory. This element is designed to support communities and marketing activities in content development.
  4. Convenient user interface. The project developers set themselves the task of creating an intuitive interface to ensure convenient and comfortable interaction with the system.
  5. Coin exchange. Among the elements there is an exchange, the purpose of which is to increase the value of the content by providing a platform for the possibility of conversion into monetary equivalent.


The unique project Foresting allows users of social networks to receive various benefits for the creation of high-quality content. Simply put, the main task of the platform is to turn content into currency. Foresting is an innovative social networking platform that is based on Blockchain and is fundamentally different from the distribution system of traditional social networking platforms. The project focuses on the distribution of values between the participants of the ecosystem, which are the real owners of the site.

For more detailed information:
White Paper:

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