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Motivation is of great importance for every person. If a person has financial motivation, then he is capable of much. This is especially true for video game developers, because creating even the simplest video game is a complicated and painstaking process. That's why financial motivation allows developers to create truly high-quality games. The Sgame Pro project was created specifically to increase the level of motivation of game developers. How is this possible?
Using Sgame Pro (, developers can earn much more than before. The thing is that despite the existence of platforms such as Steam, the vast majority of gamers still do not buy licensed versions of games, and downloads them from torrents. Unfortunately, pirated content is still quite popular, which can not but affect the income of game developers. That's why the Sgame Pro project is of the greatest interest for them.
Why do users rarely buy licensed versions of video games?
Unfortunately, in some countries licensed versions of the game are very expensive. That's why they are forced to download games from torrents or buy pirated versions, which are much cheaper. As a result, game developers are losing a lot of huge amounts, which affects their motivation to work. This is not surprising, because nobody wants to work for free. How in this case it is possible to earn?
The Sgame Pro platform is designed in such a way that game developers can make money on advertising. We can say that Sgame Pro is somewhat similar to Google Play, and also on the AppStore. However, Sgame Pro differs from them in that advertising revenue will be distributed among the creators of the Sgame Pro project, as well as between game developers. This is what should allow the Sgame Pro project to become really popular and become the most demanded project for gamers and video game developers.


The ecosystem of Sgame Pro is built in such a way that the advertiser can monetize the attention of users for viewing his content. This is beneficial to the advertiser, who can guarantee to find consumers, and for users who will be able to get an additional source of income.
Gamers, in turn, will be able to spend earned tokens for the purchase of any video game available on the Sgame Pro platform. In addition, they will be able to buy various products that they can not purchase for cash.
The creators of games also profit in tokens, which can be spent on the purchase of any kind of products, as well as to create even more quality and interesting games.

Sgame Pro Project and Security

It is also important that all applications located on the platform of Sgame Pro will be deprived of any malicious code. The fact is that some other platforms offer users to download games and other programs containing malicious code that can steal personal information about the user.



As part of the Sgame Pro platform (, many solutions have been implemented that we have already seen somewhere, but the key advantage of Sgame Pro lies precisely in the fact that all these solutions were finally realized within the framework of one project. Most likely, Sgame Pro will gain wide popularity not immediately, but only after a while, because gamers and developers still need time to learn about this platform and its main advantages.

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