BlockAIp: A Decentralized Social Networking and Media Platform

Hello Golos Community, If you are interested in joining the BLOCKAIP project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you see their vision and mission, below:

What’s BlockAIp?

BlockAIp is a decentralized, innovative social networking and media platform where anyone can chat privately, write a new story about a topic of their choice and read news on the issues they care about. The platform has no editor deciding what’s fit to print and the decision is made solely by the community. In addition, the BlockAIp platform will offer various services such as multiple cryptocurrency wallets and personal loans.

What AI does?

As a personal assistant, Felix will be able to make appointments, manage schedules, book and buy tickets, reserve dinners in restaurants, buy goods online and pay users‘ regular bills (once it’s provided with a private key-permission from users). Furthermore, apart from organizing users‘ life, AI will be able to type messages, search for friends, groups and events. Felix will also search for popular articles, videos and write stories or news on user’s behalf.

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Our Advantages

Social Networking Website

Simple user-friendly interface via Web App and Smartphone App. A High-secured encrypted messaging service (with inability for developers to read user messages). There is no way to block user account by operators. High-level privacy and data security will allow users to have an absolute control over their personal information that cannot be shared to third parties (see Facebook’s data breach) or stolen by hackers as a result of blockchain.

Felix-Artificial Intelligence

Felix can be your personal assistant as well as a best friend. AI can listen, talk, support, suggest, make appointments, book hotels, tickets, etc. It will be able to type messages, search for popular articles and offer interested subjects. Its algorithm will allow it to work with data while it is still in an encrypted state in cases when a private key-permission for AI was generated by users.

Media Hub

No an editor, the decision what’s fit to print is made solely by the community. Media Content is being paid. Users can earn cryptocurrency and fiat for their posts, pictures, music and videos. Users will be able to report on matters they deem important and wish to communicate to the public.

**Blockchain **

No centralized storage for any part of the User Data. All User Data is stored in the Blockchain (decentralized) in comparison with WhatsApp of FB Messenger where operator stores Data of all conversations including images, videos and files. The BlockAIp blockchain will interact with various blockchains, so that users can monitor their balances, send money and conduct other operations.

Multiple Cryptocurrency Wallets

Convenient and secured cryptocurrency wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero and BAIP (BlockAIp Token). Ability to buy/sell, store and send a multitude of cryptocurrencies. All private and public keys of other blockchains will be kept in the BlockAIp Blockchain in the encrypted state. This means that nobody has any power over users’ data.

Mobile Application

An Encrypted messenger. Pay online and offline for your bills or regular payments. Send money to any bank accounts and payment cards around the world, without limits or restrictions.

Personal Loan

A decentralized lending ecosystem. Users will be able to take a personal loan in fiat (USD, Euro, British Pound) up to $25 000 collateralized with several cryptocurrencies assets. Automatic confirmation within a couple of seconds. No requirement for credit scoring or verification of assets. An option to withdraw borrowed assets to bank accounts or payment cards.


A P2P exchange for all cryptocurrencies available on the platform. Once a certain cryptocurrency turned into fiat, it could be sent to bank accounts or payment cards either through the system or its mobile application. The exchange fee in amount of 0.01% for all cryptocurrencies of the platform except the BlockAIp Token (BAIP).

**Token Sale **

  • VOLUME: 1 000 000 000
  • TOKEN ON ICO SALE: 700 000 000
  • HARD CAP: $38 000 000
  • SOFT CAP: $4 000 000
  • PRICE PER TOKEN: $0.06
  • PRIVATE SALE START: September 25
  • PRE-ICO BEGIN: October 1
  • ICO END: December 25


November 2016: The Birth of the BlockAIp Idea

December 2016: Assembling the Team and Developing Initial Idea

January 2017: Market Research

Started researching blockchain technology

February 2017: Team Expansion and Detailed Concept Creation

Preparation for Platform Development

May 2017: Platform Development

June 2018: Created the First Draft of Whitepaper

Final Preparations of the Token sale

September 2018: Whitepaper Public Release

Private Sale

October 2018: Start Token Pre-Sale

December 2018: Ending ICO

January 2019: Starting of Blockchain Testnet and Optimizations

February 2019: Starting of Blockchain Mainnet

Presentation of MVP

May 2019: Platform Release. Full-Functionalaty Operating Platform in cooperation with AI

Building of Custodial and Other Banking Relationships with Financial Services and Institutions

September 2019: Release of BlockAIp Mobile Application for IOS and Android

Marketing of the Platform and Customer Attraction

November 2019: Starting BlockAIp Personal Loan Service


To find more relevant details of the BLOCKAIP project, please follow some sources for the following references:


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