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Blockchain will undoubtedly have an effect on virtually every aspect of the financial system. Let’s take a closer look at the different aspects of banking that blockchain can disrupt.

Payments – One of the core models and functions of a bank is to store, transfer, receive, send, and process payments. By eliminating the need to approve transactions between consumers, blockchain technology could push forward faster payments at lower fees than traditional banking technologies.

Traditional loans – In today’s world, securing a car loan or mortgage can take more than a month’s worth of time. Imagine securing that loan alnost instantly along with a solid contract in place. With blockchain technology, we won’t need underwriters and credit checks to be in place because we will have smart contracts that can handle a lot of the repetitive work for us.

Clearing and settlement – Normally it would take T+3 days to settle the sell order that you made, but with blockchain, this can almost be instant without any settlement time.

Introduce you to Bravo Payment App! Leveraging blockchain technology, Bravo aims to disrupt the existing payment method.

About Bravo

Bravo is a new software that you can use to send and receive payments using cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. Build for a generation that demands quick services, Bravo is one of the best ways to make payments in a secure but anonymous way.

Bravo is a software that already exists since 2015. It was first created to be used in the US market with fiat currency (USD) but the company decided to launch its own token. In 2017, Bravo beta version was featured on ABC's SharkTank landing a deal with Mark Cuban & Lori Greiner. Since then, Bravo has gained a significant amount of traction with a community of tens-of-thousands of users and millions of dollars worth in transactions.

After a successful proof of concept, Bravo began building an innovative hybrid blockchain platform with a seamless user-centric mobile user experience that supports on-demand public and private payments using BRAVO tokens (BVO). Bravo goal is to make cryptocurrency payments as simple as a swipe on your phone. Bravo plans to achieve global impact and growth outside of the United States is in motion with implementation of its own hybrid Blockchain along with data encryption with tokenization technologies to allow anonymous, secure and seamless transactions around the world with minimal fees, yet a simple user experience.

Bravo is one of very few ICOs in the world that actually has a solution developed and proven traction with a fiat version available since 2015 in the U.S. market. The BVO tokens will be launched in an upcoming Initial Coin Offering that the company has planned and they will run on the own platform of the company.

How Bravo App Works

Bravo can be used by the tipping industry, for P2P payments and even for merchants who use microtransactions or for debt settlement. There are many options.

According to the information on the company’s site, the software is extremely friendly and fast to use and it is inexpensive as you only have to pay 2% fees whenever you use it. Bravo has its own API for developers who want to build third party apps and it is secure for the users. The plan of the platform is to expand the market of the platform using its existing community.

This way, the company intends to create a stable community on top of what has been constructed over this three years that Bravo is working and helping its clients to move money around the world.

Bravo Token: BVO

The upcoming Bravo token sale does not have a date yet but it was already divulged that the company had 1,000,000,000 BVO tokens for sale. The funds will mainly be used in software development (45%), marketing (20%), reserves (20%), operational costs (9%), legal expenses (3%) and other smaller topics (3%).

Each BVO token will cost $0.10 USD and you will have to be whitelisted via a Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering procedure before you can invest.

It is very important to notice that, while the company is based in the United States, American citizens cannot participate in the sales because of the current legislation. Citizens from Canada, Singapore and China are also banned from the ICO.

Bravo Team

The leadership team of Bravo is spearheaded by Maria Del CArmen Luna (Co-founder and CEO) and Dr. Hector Rodriguez-Luna (co-founder and COO). Other important members of the team are Elmer Morales (CTO), Steven Cornejo (product manager) and Vitaliy Marusenko (Community Manager).

Other key members include Paul Nguyen (lead blockchain architect), Tanmay Shahane (lead blockchain engineer), Robert Lunny (CFO) and Adam Swanton (director of client strategy).

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