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Capverto is an open source framework that can be developed to create blockchain applications. This is designed to allow you, your company or your government to build a chain of private blocks or customized permits.

What does this mean for users?

CAPVERTO Exchange is a pioneering financial platform that bridges the banknote and cryptocurrency domain. Its distinctive design, revolves around CAPVERTO Tokens (CAP) and international prepaid cards, extending digital currency profits to populations that are most often excluded from traditional banking. Through the CAP utility token, it provides an intuitive and multifaceted online bank-like experience.

What is the problem?

Our team has conducted a Survey and records more than 2 billion people currently without bank accounts, representing hundreds of billions of US dollars in untapped activities. and the US alone, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation estimates that 9 million - or 7 percent - of households in the country fully do not have bank accounts, while the other 24.5 million are underbanked. Utilization of banking services is even lower outside high-income OECD countries, reaching below 20 percent in the Middle East and North Africa, according to World Bank estimates.

Without access to the entire spectrum of banking services, those who do not have bank accounts and are underbanked often use alternative sources - including microcredit networks, pawnshops, international money transfers, and salary lenders - to meet their financial needs, despite high interest rates, steep costs and limited overall flexibility of this option. Transferring more consumers into the formal banking sector is a big challenge with high stakes, which requires an easy-to-use and sustainable solution for their service providers to operate.

Those who do not have a bank account, or only with limited access to them, spend up to 5 percent of their paycheck and as much as 3 percent of the value of the benefits that their government provides only disburses this fund, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.


Prepaid Card Program

CAPVERTO prepaid cards are bridges between fiat money and cryptocurrency. Each cardholder receives an amount of CAP utility tokens corresponding to the tier of the card purchased, starting at $100 for the basic blue card. Like a regular payment card, the CAPVERTO card can be used for in-store and online purchases, while up to 2 percent of every transaction is reinvested into CAP, influencing the token's value. There is also a full-fledged rewards system enabling direct discounts at affiliated merchants.

Secure P2P Lending and Borrowing

CAPVERTO Exchange is a platform for secure and convenient P2P transfers. Instead of simply holding onto cryptocurrency and hoping it will appreciate, individuals and organizations can lend up to half the to-date value of their assets and collect interest on it. Annual interest rates are 8 percent and the amount is paid instantly to the lender. Meanwhile, borrowers benefit from not having to rely exclusively on traditional financial institutions.

Copy Trading Platform

CAPVERTO makes it easy to follow and copy the trades and portfolios of others. Copy trading gives new participants an easy way to get started, while also affecting the value of the CAP token. Ten percent of the profit from each copy trade is automatically deducted and split between the original trader and CAPVERTO Exchange, which in turn reinvests it in CAP. Together with the other influences on CAP such as the transactions from the card program, copy trading ensures the token's value accurately reflects productive activity on CAPVERTO.

Cryptocurrency Insurance

One of the first offerings of its kind, CAPVERTO's cryptocurrency insurance product provides peace of mind that your valuable assets are as safe as possible from theft. Inspired as a response to the landmark breach of the Mt. Gox exchange in Tokyo, this insurance is offered through a partnership with RiskPoint. It functions alongside other protections including proof-of-address, KYC, AML, and 2-factor authentication to fend off a wide variety of cybersecurity threats.

Extensible Smart Contracts

CAPVERTO offers an open source framework for building custom blockchain applications. Take a look at our GitHub repository today to learn how you can leverage our smart contracts to build private and permissioned public blockchains; Smart contract technology is at the heart of modern cryptocurrencies, delivering the transparency, immutability and cryptographic security essential for an optimal experience. 


Ok friend, if my article has attracted you, please join the ICO of CAPVERTO and all the details are as follows:


Last price $1.66 per token
Hardcap: 1,125,000 CAP


Starts from $1.82 per token
Hardcap: 171,375,000 CAP

Project Summary

CAPVERTO Exchange is offering an ICO targeting the unbanked/underbanked, ensuring they have opportunities to harness the unique benefits of cryptocurrency. It bridges the worlds of fiat money and cryptocurrency by combining an international prepaid card program linked to innovative banking and trading features centered on the CAP utility token. All CAPVERTO Exchange features influence the value of CAP, meaning its price is a reflection of productive activities rather than uninformed speculation. Assets within CAPVERTO Exchange may also be protected with cryptocurrency insurance.

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