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DriveDeal : Blockchain Mobility and Transportation App Developer

About DriveDeal

The blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that underlies cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and platforms like Ethereum. It provides a way to record and transfer data that is transparent, safe, auditable, and resistant to outages. This technology has the ability to make the organizations that use it transparent, democratic, decentralized, efficient, and secure. It will likely to disrupt many industries in the coming 5 to 10 years.

From dispute resolution to administrative efficiency and order tracking, blockchain has the answer to the the problems that have been plaguing the transportation industry for decades. The blockchain can be used to create decentralized versions of peer-to-peer ridesharing apps, allowing both car owners and users to arrange terms and conditions in a secure way without third party providers.

DriveDeal will be the first platform for these interactions and will provide the required infrastructure and technology to enable decentralized peer2peer sharing. Every application built on top of DriveDeal will combine all possible mobility sharing use cases and make the market supply be decided by the customers. Participants will be able to provide cars for sharing, rent vehicles from others, develop applications or offer mobility-related services for everyone in the community. This not only will help to utilize unused resources, but also will make transportation more efficient and less expensive.

By incorporating car sharing, ride sharing and logistic dApps on top of the platform immediate utility will be created, and any implementation of these use cases will be decentralized and open-source. In that way, everyone can request mobility on demand and participants of the community are invited to provide suitable solutions to satisfy these needs.

DriveDeal is arranging first collaboration agreements with leading research institutes, universities, manufacturers, rental firms and car dealerships to catalyse the buildup of the platform and ensure first aligned applications. This will help to engage the community from the start and increase the value of the ecosystem as outlined in the following chapter.

Blockchain Smart contracts are responsible for intermediating all interactions between peers in the network. One crucial smart contract will be the token smart contract. It will connect elements on the platform and also regulate incentives and governance of the network.

The specific function of the token including:

  • Monetary Function: Store of Value, Consistent Medium of Exchange, Unit of Account
  • Incentivization: Guidance, Encouragement, Transparency & Display of Intent, Confirmation & Truthfulness
  • Control & Oversight: Governance, Decision & Voting, Security, Compliance, Consensus & Resolvement of Conflict

DriveDeal Platform Features

DriveDeal Platform offers numerous core features, as described below:

Multi Smart Contract: All applications will by developed using individually designed smart contracts on the ethereum network

Javascript Library: Ethereum and IPFS network interaction is abstracted away using a Javascript library

Vehicle integration: The platforms enables the creation of a digital twin for every mobility asset, connecting it to the decentralized world 

The Company Roadmap

Q2 2017

First concepts for an innovative solution formalized
Increase utilization rate of cars and activate unused mobility resources
Challenging various concepts for potential business realization and elaborate potentials, threats and preliminaries

Q3 2017

Outlines for redefining the mobility paradigm
Core team formed: multi-disciplinary approaches and strong crypto focus
Clear aim of building an ecosystem to supersede existing weak points

Q1 2018

Setup of Team, Partnerships and Early Advisors
Ideation process
System Conceptualization
Feasibility Study
Visual Identity Design

Q2 2018

System Design
Token economics Design
ICO Structuring and Components
Whitepaper Draft

Q3 2018

Development & Deployment of Crowdsale Smart Contracts
Code Audit
Whitepaper final Version
Promotion & Marketing

Q4 2018

Listing on Exchanges
Platform Prototype
Developer Program
Partnerships with Institutes and Universities

Q1 2019

First DriveDeal Demo App released
Command-line tool beta release

Q3 2019

Platform MVP: listing, discovery, booking, rating and data upload
Car sharing application MVP

Q1 2020

Car sharing devices integration
Platform beta release
Car sharing beta release 

Q3 2020

  • Platform and car sharing application stable release
  • Further Use Case integration
  • Cooperation with related concepts in sharing economy


The DriveDeal platform will facilitate the adoption of all possible sharing and mobility related services by a universal protocol. A single vehicle will be able to fulfill multiple functions simultaneously. Being a P2P-sharing car it can also be used for ridesharing, carpooling and delivery services when in demand or being privately used whenever needed. 

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