DTRACK - Dtrack is a Complementary Cryptocurrency

Hello Golos Community, on this occasion I will introduce the Dtrack Project and to find out more about the benefits and advantages of this Project, here are the reviews:

Dtrack is a complementary cryptocurrency that has been developed on ethereum Network to allow anyone, regardless of technical ability, easy access to cryptocurrency. Within a few minutes of installing the mobile app any user can see Dtrack being added to their wallet via the unique body (proof of exercise) mining experience. The Proof of Exercise (POE) is a smart contract based rewards system that its activated by detecting locations in the geolocation coordinates smart contract and by tracking your steps and heartbeat via the Dtrack mobile App and smart contract to deliver block reward.

In addition, Our technology will provide an avenue for subscribers to place a bet on the virtual reality section of the application, individuals will place a bet against the avatar of themselves on the varieties of physical events, games, and social practices, these techniques will give game developers the opportunity to develop games related to physical exercises in the virtual world section of the application, each game will be thoroughly examined by our team of expert gamers before it will be showcased for subscribers to play, this will thus make it competitive for more than one individual to participate by betting directly against each other or indirectly staking on a particular gamer (avatar) to emerge, winner of the best base on the individual ratings, our major objective is to build an active but very competitive virtual-life where physically challenged people can as well be a part of the mining process irrespective of their impediments.


Many individuals don't have sufficient energy or inspiration to practice in the fitness room. Many attempt diverse techniques like joining a pleasant rec center, persuading a companion to encourage, following advancement, and rationally compensating themselves. When we figure out how to drag ourselves to the GYM in the nighttime, we, for the most part, feel depleted from work, and the majority of the occasions you rather simply go home, watch TVs, and go to bed.The most interesting part is that Exercising doesn't just strengthen your muscles, it also strengthens your heart and bones, lowers your blood pressure, and reduces your body fat. By addressing this problem, everyone will stay in shape, live a healthier life, look better, and also get paid in DTK token by using the dtrack app.


By leveraging the Ethereum Blockchain, we have developed a Decentralized Proof of Exercise token with an innovative mobile application that allows you to mine DTK token with your body.The Dtrack platform will develop the dtrack mobile app that rewards users while exercising their body anywhere in the world by introducing a Proof of Exercise token called Dtrack token (DTK). The more exercise, and movement of the body, the more DTK tokens you will earn. 

ICO Details

The ICO will be of three stages, total of 3,000,000,000 DTK token to be sold on each stage; Stage One 3,000,000,000 TOKEN 1ETH = 8,000,000 DTK 10% BONUS Stage Two 4,000,000,000 TOKEN 1ETH = 6,000,000 DTK 5% BONUS Stage Three 2,000,000,000 TOKEN 1ETH = 3,000,000 DTK 1% BONUS HARDCAP 1808.75 ETH SALES PROCEED ALLOCATIONS Dtrack Ecosystem development 60% Marketing 15% Exchange listing 20% Legal, buyback & admin 5%.

Name: Dtrack Token
Ticker: DTK
Type: Utility Token
Technologies:Ethereum /ERC-20
Dezimal: 18

Token Supply

Total supply - 20 billion dtrack tokens
Public Sales - 10,000,000,000
Team - 500,000,000
Marketing - 600,000,000
Airdrop - 400,000,000
Bounty - 600,000,000

Dtrack Roadmap 

2018 2nd Quarter

  • Idea of Body Mining Experience
  • Assembling of Team Members DTRACK

2018 4th Quarter

  • Airdrop/ Bounty
  • ICO
  • Exchange listing

2019 1st Quarter

  • Application Launch
  • Merchant Partnership and Listing on More Exchange

2019 2nd Quarter

  • Smart Watches Launch
  • VR Testing
  • Aggressive Marketing

2019 3rd & 4th Quarter

  • VR Launch

2020 Mainstream

  • Target 100 million + users

More information about Dtrack:

ANN THREAD:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5057141.0

Author: SanZoldyck

My BitCointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1045517;sa=summary  

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