Devolve Developer Distributes Real Estate Revolution

Distributive technology increases capital mobility with unlimited investment in the $ 217 trillion real estate industry by destroying conventional real estate investment barriers and bringing about extraordinary returns.

Devolve Developer will reshape the real estate industry with the emergence of new business models that utilize decentralized technology that creates access, increases efficiency, and reduces costs. Empowering individuals around the world with trustworthy and transparent technology, Devolve Developers will throw away many conventional obstacles and create a fully connected global economy that truly peer-to-peer contributes to increasing capital flows around the world.

Creating WIN for Real Estate Participants

Creating access to global real estate inventories and unlocking international private funds in pursuit of higher returns through blockchain technology will shift the focus to private capital for investment. With the increase in investors seeking global diversification, the demand for real estate environments that can be invested will develop substantially creating greater opportunities. Pass the innovative real estate platform Developers meet the needs of the investment community for shorter maturities and greater liquidity with new types of risk-hedged opportunities.

Strategy for Real Estate Investment

The general real estate investment method of renting and reversing property results in simple returns. Devolve Developer capitalizes on high-return investment strategies that are not used in the main real estate industry - Real Estate Development.

Real estate investors enter the market as speculators, end-users or long-term investors who use the most common investment strategies to buy & hold, rent / lease and reverse property. This strategy is very saturated because of the ease of entry and respectable profit margins.

  • Buying a home is a long-term investment in which future appreciation is exposed to market fluctuations and economic factors.
  • Rental properties generate retedial returns and include property management expenses.
  • Property flipping produces simple returns, but lack of time, money and knowledge has a negative impact on profit margins.

Property development offers all the general benefits of investing in real estate such as stability, leverage, resistant inflation and increased equity, with the addition of producing high yields at an exponential level.

Real Estate Development Strategy

Unmatched with conventional investment strategies, real estate development is a higher pursuit investment approach. Mostly abandoned by individual investors due to high entry barriers, this wholesale strategy results in an unprecedented return in a larger traditional investment strategy. Devolve Developer utilizes blockchain technology to eliminate conventional barriers related to development strategies, increase the utilization of these investment vehicles and generate exponential income for participants.

Real Estate Development

Blockchain technology creates opportunities to participate in an unbreakable real estate market to access global opportunities and gain exponential profits.

In the multi-trillion dollar real estate industry, huge profits are generated by operating property development strategies. From transferring land to building subdivisions, this strategy results in superior investment performance compared to renting and reversing property. As opportunities that are ignored by most individual investors, profits are guaranteed for institutional investment companies and accredited investors who can use the challenges of large capital requirements and increased inherent risks.

Devolve Developer will reduce the risks and constraints of real estate development and open the gateway to this high productivity opportunity. Using blockchain technology, the market will experience increased participation from individuals that will double global capital flows and fundamentally expand cross-border income. Now people from all over the world can access the high benefits of this investment environment.

New Generation of
Global Real Estate

The need for different real estate business models is the most superior. The digital developer platform devolve will be distracting and front-runner, undermining the challenges of conventional norms.

Industrial Challenges

Large capital obligations

Only large institutions and accredited investors are able to pay for large capital requirements to participate in the real estate development industry

Excessive intermediation costs

The high costs of intermediation slow down the transaction process, delay closing and reduce profitability for buyers, sellers and investors

Geographic Segmentation

Geographic divergence results in new models of regionalization which limit investment to local boundaries

Long life cycle

The ancient real estate system produces extended transaction duration which increases risk sensitivity and extends the realization of returns

Liquidity Inefficiency

The inability to take advantage of profitable opportunities by transferring capital in a timely manner from one real estate asset to another is an obstacle

Thin market place

Find interested parties that meet the criteria for setting / selling your investment, whether procedural or financially difficult.

Delegating Resolution

Affordability of capital

The Digital Devolve Platform Developer democratizes participation and eliminates large capital requirements that divide the devolve token amount into development projects

Higher profitability

The Blockchain technology provides digital automation for intermediation and reduces costs, improves service, and creates higher returns for you

Access to global investment opportunities

Distributive technology provides access to our global inventory of development projects

Flexible life cycle

Smart contracts regulate transactions that reduce processing time and provide user autonomy to obtain additional tokens and allocate positions


Devolve developer exchange APIs allow users to easily reallocate projects and sell tokens easily on the exchange

_Efficient ecosystem_The characterization standardizes real estate assets to make them interchangeable and create markets for ease of transformation

  • Clear current restrictions to global capital flows and accessibility
  • Creating very profitable opportunities
  • Generate a paradigm shift in wealth throughout the world.

Switch Platform Ecosystems

Digital platforms supported by real assets with a tendency for high profit margins and independence to manage risk make it attractive to all investors.

The Devolve Platform is the first high-quality platform supported by the hard assets involved in large real estate development projects that are suitable for institutional and individual investors. By using smart contracts, Devolve Platform will automate real estate development projects by connecting participants with projects on distributed platforms that cannot be accessed.

The Devolve Platform assesses feasible development project opportunities and provides access to investors everyday to participate. Development projects obtained through a rigorous evaluation process to determine eligibility for the program. Participants can search and compare approved projects and allocate tokens to selected projects to get rewards automatically.

Development Project Rewards Program


New or partnered real estate development project opportunities are realized and registered with their relevant information through the API


Extensive due diligence is carried out when information is verified and opportunities are assessed to determine program suitability


The project's up and down potential is measured against our risk management profile to ensure the level of uncertainty and potential value


The project profile factor is recorded and the weighted average rating model determines the value of tokens, level of contributions, and distribution of gifts

**5. ** LIST

Smart contracts add approved projects to Devolve Platform and token holders can assess the suitability of new projects for their portfolios


Token holders can use our tools and resources to determine the allocation of their tokens to selected projects and immediately generate prizes.


Smart contracts will determine and manage gift distribution based on the performance of development projects and allocation of DVX tokens to participating token holders.

DVX tokens that are given prizes from development projects can be:

  • Reallocated in the same project or distributed to other projects, given availability
  • Trading on external exchanges
  • Stored in the token holder's wallet for future project allocation and future platform offerings
  • Used to shop with our affiliate merchants.

Fixing Real Estate Investment Problems

Blockchain technology and smart contracts create a new paradigm for real estate development by removing conventional barriers and building more effective ecosystems.

How does the Devolve Real Estate Platform work

Revolutionary Token Value

Devolve tokens are tokens that are supported by real estate assets that are very profitable, save real value and ensure liquidity. Can be used Can be traded. Donate.

Devolve token (DVX) is the original token on the Devolve Platform and will be used to participate in future development projects and platform program opportunities. The blockchain and smart contract technology will increase the usefulness of devolve tokens to include additional services and functionality such as shopping among our merchant providers, property registration, property valuation, and real estate transaction management.

Growing in Value
Driven by profitability of development projects, growth of platforms and token utilities

Supported by Real Estate
Guaranteed against the value of global real estate assets with claims for receivables

Global access to development projects and community token holders and traders

Can be used, can be traded, contribute
Participate in the global real estate market, trade tokens on the exchange and purchase of goods from affiliate merchants
Switch Video

Explore a new era of real estate development on blockchain

Participate, Hedge & Grow

Build your portfolio with an exceptionally volatile model of appreciation and hedging on the cryptocurrency market. Grow your portfolio exponentially to create the maximum token value.

Why Delegate Developers?

  • A team of global real estate experts with more than 60 years of experience and our technology advisory board will ensure blockchain business operations are efficient and effective
  • The direct participation of shareholders in the real estate market development potential continues to increase
  • The prize program can be run immediately allowing token holders to generate prizes while future platform programs are under development
  • Superior disruptive technology with advanced mobility, flexibility and scalability to secure globally competitive real estate projects using our famous predictive algorithmic model
  • Visit our FAQ for more information.

Switch Token Sales

Devolve Developer is selling tokens for potential contributors to gain access to high-yield real estate development markets. Devolve Developer gets the partnership needed from industry players with a portfolio of current development projects spread across 3 continents and continues to grow.

Become a developer and access to our pipeline from a multimillion-dollar development project that is currently in line.

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