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Hello Golos Community, If you are interested in joining the Mixin project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in seeing their vision and mission, as follows:

Mixin is composed of a single theoretically permanent Kernel, many dynamic Domains and different multipurpose Domain Extensions, to formulate an extended star topology. This topology may lead to the concern that Mixin is a centrally controlled network, but that’s not the case because of how the Kernel itself works.

Mixin Kernel is a high performance distributed ledger and its sole responsibility is to verify asset transactions. That said, the single permanent Mixin Kernel is also a distributed network just like Bitcoin network as a whole. Although Mixin Kernel verifies asset transactions, it doesn’t produce any assets. All assets flow through the Kernel by Mixin Domains. Each Mixin Domain is also a distributed ledger, whose job is providing assets to the Mixin Kernel. The assets may be those on Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other blockchains, or even central organizations like banks.

While each Mixin Domain is a component to provide assets for Mixin Kernel, the Kernel itself is also a component in the Mixin Domain to verify and govern its assets. Unlike most existing gateway based solutions, Mixin Kernel and Domains are all public available distributed ledgers, with no central authorities.

From the Kernel to Domains, the Mixin Network is all about assets and transactions. The Mixin Domain Extension is where the magic happens, whether for Ethereum contracts, EOS contracts, a distributed exchange on somewhat trusted instances, or anything else.

How Mixin Trusted Blockchain Messenger Network Works
The platform is designed to offer everyone a fair platform, created on a decentralized network – built for purpose of processing transactions, contracts and businesses within seconds. It is a p2p based system that will make it possible for any third parties to use the system successfully and safely through the use of contracts. The purpose of the platform is to provide an ultra-safe and decentralized environment where people can go to make safe exchanges and transactions.

Mixin Domain
Mixin Domain is a distributed ledger to provide assets for the Mixin Kernel. The assets may be those on Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other blockchains, even central organizations like banks.

Key Association
Key association is the first step to grant a Mixin public key with Bitcoin access.

Every Mixin public key Mpub will have a Bitcoin public key Bpub associated, how this association occurs and is managed determines the key safety.
Bpub is the public derivation of Bitcoin private key Bpriv, so how Bpriv is generated defines the Bpub correctness.

Bpriv is generated purely by the Mixin Domain itself, and it will transfer part of it to the Kernel to keep it by (t-n)-threshold secret sharing scheme. If the domain is trustable in this procedure, the association is absolutely secure.
Intel SGX will enforce the domain trustworthiness, and even when Intel SGX itself is not safe, which is almost impossible, the following parts in this paper will prove that the Bitcoin asset will also be secure in Mixin.

Mixin XIN Token ICO Details
The current price of MIXIN, also known as the XIN is $412.77. And the current market cap for Mixin is $169.45M. The newly released cryptocurrency is growing fast too as it has gone up almost 5% up in only a day or so. Parties who use the platform, tend to get support that is above and beyond. If you are serious about working with the Mixin platform, you can go to the company website and sign up to the company newsletter and keep up to date with everything the company has to offer. The company will send you newsletters twice per week, typically focused around blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Who Is Behind Mixin?
There is no information on the team behind the scenes at Mixin, and there is no information on the location of the company headquarters. This is generally seen as a bad sign when we are speaking of startups and ICOs, the reason is the lack of transparency. Not disclosing personal information shows they are hiding something. And it’s because of that, Mixin loses points for not being transparent about who they are or where they’re from.

Mixin Conclusion
The company is designed to provide users with a safe experience where they can trade, exchange, buy or sell different cryptocurrencies on a peer to peer-based network. The company works with multiple currencies, languages and contracts. To learn more about the platform, head on over to the mixin.one and check out the platform for yourself.

To find more relevant details from the Mixin project, please follow a number of sources for the following references:


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