StreamPay : Efficient control and logistics management

Everyone knows that there is now a huge competition in the delivery of goods and services. In order to stay above and expand in this field, a company needs to provide assurance to customers of all processes, from fast delivery, to product quality and payment.
To maximize all that process and generate huge profits, companies spend millions of dollars per year. But with such financial investment in this field, there are still real problems in logistics, quality assurance and when working with suppliers for more efficient management. After considering all the problems, the StreamPay project offers a solution.

What is Streampay?

StreamPay is a distributed platform for corporate clients, based on decentralized blockchain technology. The project aims to provide reliable contracts and distribute distributed accounting books to create articles that are executed in intellectual contracts. This platform is very useful for businesses, as it helps them track the movement of goods using a payment application for a StreamPay sales representative to track the information provided on the product QR code.
QR codes allow parties in transactions to track the movement of goods from when they become raw materials for their production in the finished product.

How does the Blockchain transaction tracking system work?

Thanks to smart contracts and chain based blocks, technology users can also check traffic in the supply chain in real time. It will also manage payment processing on behalf of users, thus offering them an worry-free experience in the supply chain process.StreamPay has a global payment and tracking system, and they also implement blockchain technology in managing intellectual contracts. This system can be accessed through consumer smartphones and all forms of payment and currency around the world. The system is synchronized with the user's electronic wallet, so any payments made on the platform will be reflected on the user's wallet. Users can also make deposits or transfer their funds to other users regardless of their geographic location.

How does the StreamPay project suggest a solution?

In this solution it allows companies to monitor delivery by determining whether a particular delivery is considered harmful or not. The StreamPay project can identify risks, so that users can find any issues that exist with the submission. StreamPay monitors the quality of its products, meeting the requirements of each customer. The project also allows supervisors to certify suppliers and partners. And most importantly, this project has not been fulfilled. The parties involved have the right to make payments with US dollars, euros, or crypto currency. This project has a special wallet that supports the local currency. Every project payment is under reliable protection, therefore

OBJECTIVE of the STREAMPAY project itself is to eliminate risk, reduce volatility and fraud. In addition, the project team provides each user an electronic sales system. People who make payments can use QR codes and special data to monitor components, thereby improving the quality of the chain. The project manages this chain with the help of technology blocking and then finds the process slowed down. Companies can independently add new inventory, speed up the process itself.
The project's primary payment instrument will be a STPY token, as all transactions in the project will be created.

What the StreamPay project has to offer us:

  1. Currency own token STPY.
  2. The absence of a third party (intermediary).
  3. Ability to track the product since the first time thanks to QR code.
  4. Reduce the possibility of fraud and identity theft.
  5. Accelerate the process of delivery of finished products or services.
  6. Full transparency and security of all processes.
  7. Use your own Visa or MasterCard debit card.

Advantages of StreamPay:

  1. Improve supply chain
    Because the platform allows users to track supply chain processes from when raw materials are purchased until processed into finished products, users can identify components in the supply chain that can be altered to improve supply chain processes. The process is faster
    Using StreamPay blockchain technology can identify the parties in the supply chain that slow down the process. Thus, allowing companies to get rid of those parties and add new parties that can accelerate this process.
  2. Reduce risk
    Through the StreamPay transfer service, users can transfer money to other users without risk of volatility and fraud risk, as platforms eliminate risks on the platform and implement measures to ensure fraudulent user detection.

StreamPay STPY Token ICO Details

The platform will operate using the StreamPay token.
"In this case Token allows users to access services offered by the platform and become part of the StreamPay Token Network (STPY) itself , Tokens can be purchased during Pre-ICO which is expected to take place on 30 June 2018.
Parameters Of The ICO
• Token symbol: STPY
• Token Price: 1 STPY = 1.00 USD
• Accepted Payment Method: ETH
• Standard Token: Ethereum
• Soft Cap: 100,000 USD
• Hard Cap: 50,000,000 USD



Additional information about the project:

Official Website:

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