Hello Golos Community, in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called USAVE, based on the following criteria:


USAVE is one of the most common questions in the world, and this is nothing but tokens or currencies. Where and how can I save my coins? However, in the USAVE case we have a project that will work with ERC20 tokens, namely USAVE is a project that will run on the Ethereum Network, so it will benefit from Ethereum's intrinsic values, namely high security and speed, decentralization, anonymity and great stability .

In addition, like with all ERC20 tokens, if in the end you dare to invest in this ICO (remember seeing the project, and if you dare, go ahead) you buy tokens can be easily stored in the world-famous wallet ERC20; for example more than general MyEtherWallet or Metamask.


For the first time in the history, We create a sustainable eco-system based on blockchain technology. We are able to completely reinvent the gold supply chain from mines to refinery

We refine the metal in ecological conditions, store it in a secure vault in Monaco and finally create a perfect environment to exchange gold

In addition to be unfalsifiable, buyers are also guaranteed that gold extraction has been carried out in legal and healthy conditions

  • Track: from mines to consumers, gold is physically tracked with specific hardware
  • Secure: U.SAVE ecosystem creates a secure space for datas on the entire lifecycle ut also provide a physic security thanks to a vault in Monaco
  • Market: unfalsifiable garantee of the cleanliness of the gold
  • Transparency: thanks to the use of a public blockchain, everyone can check and verify the origin of gold
  • Eco-responsible: we ensure full environmental compliance, without using any dangerous chemical products, but we also protect miners as well
  • Exchange: while gold derivatives are backed by a stock of untraceable gold and physical purchases, we provide a dedicated exchange built with GMEX

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Speaking strictly of USAVE, we did not find a project that united the stability of investment in gold with cryptocurrency innovation. To do this, he will make a project that will participate from beginning to end in the entire gold buying and selling chain. USAVE will make the system based on several pillars, on the one hand it will solve the comfort, transparency and flexibility of the blockchain, more precisely from the blockchain from Ethereum. On the other hand you will have several collaborators who will be responsible for various phases of the process, be it gold refining, storage, ...

For example, the Aurum Monaco company, based in the kingdom of Monaco, is a gold refinery that will handle obtaining this valuable material at competitive and sustainable prices and respect for the environment. Once the gold bar has been obtained, it will be stamped with a tracking number that will always be found via blockchain.

On the other hand, we will find Brinks Global Services, which will be responsible for everything related to gold logistics and storage. For this purpose, he will use a high security warehouse in the Kingdom of Monaco.

And finally we find Monaco Gold Spot Exchange, which is a place where you can start all things related to buying and selling gold by criptomonedas through a platform created for that use by GMEX Group.

No doubt, a very successful project, which will make it one of the strongest competitors in the field, because the idea is very new. This project is led by Selim Fendi and Hirander Misra.




To find out more. You can connect more with USAVE at the link below:


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