: Open Protocol for Tokenzined Asset Financing


 Vena Network is an exchange and loan platform using asset financing and a decentralized digital exchange network through the Vena Protocol that will help you to realize a decentralized collateral loan and OTC trade from cryptocurrency and fiat currencies. The Vena Protocol consists of two layers: 1) Layer basic protocol, which is the main line includes registration, configuration, routing, and management of top-level financial businesses. 2) The asset protocol layer, based on assets, complements the user-defined financial business through the application of the term contract interface. Through blockchain vein technology All operations are controlled by intelligent contract codes and free from human intervention to prevent fraud. Users who join the Vena Network can benefit from the development of the cryptocurrency market, realize asset and exchange financing in an effective, safe and efficient manner, while also reducing risks associated with factors such as fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices and financial intermediaries that do not. honest. 


Also, the vein creates a node vein which is the application of the key elements of the Vena Network. The Vena Protocol has defined two roles, assessors and relayers. Vein nodes can consist of one role or a combination of two roles or can contain all types of service providers that come from market competition. Youth nodes use Vena SDK which can adjust and provide users with a very comprehensive transaction service but not only limited to loans, asset transactions, credit evaluations, contract plugs - in transactions, etc., and also benefits by collecting fees 


Vena Network is an open source project to fill the cryptocurrency ecosystem gap than companies. Vena Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by the Vena team in Singapore. The purpose of establishing the Vena Foundation is to ensure the sustainability of Vena projects, the effectiveness of decentralized governance, the safety and transparency of fundraising, and the development and innovation of businesses to assist startups based on the Vena Protocol.

For this purpose the Vena Network will be a platform that can be excelled because of healthy Vena Network development, a comprehensive incentive mechanism established by the Vena Foundation, and some of these advantages 




Certified Vena Systems must have the qualifications and experience in microloan operations and comply with the laws, regulations, and policies in which they operate


Certified Vena nodes will deposit VENA Tokens as collateral based on a certain percentage in the Vena Foundation

High Liquidity

 Certified Vena nodes can place orders into a shared liquidity pool, Vena nodes can share orders and get costs by promoting transactions, and increasing network liquidity transactions with profit sharing economic incentives 


The user's digital assets are stored in their wallet or locked in a smart contract. Vena nodes do not have a user's digital assets, thus avoiding the moral dangers of the escape platform. At the same time, it also greatly reduces the security costs required to deposit assets for nodes 




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