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VendiCoins: The Next Generation Video Advertising Platform

Blockchain technology within the cryptocurrency has ramifications far beyond the financial sector. As an immutable, distributed, transparent ledger, blockchain is a natural fit for the digital advertising supply chain.

Potential benefits of cryptocurrency for advertising include increased efficiency, transparency, cost reduction, and the elimination of fraud.

2018 will be the year that a wide range of cryptocurrency applications will be rolled out across digital and cross-screen video advertising including linear television, with 2019 likely being the year that these technologies begin to see broader adoption - provided certain risks can be mitigated.

Now with cryptocurrency, brands can partake in a targeted, quality, and unique approach to generate the leads that they are looking for. With the right approach, brands will find themselves more successful. With that, this review would like to introduce Vendicoins, a native cryptocurrency token of Vendio Patform. 

About Vendio

Vendio is a digital advertising platform that “bridges the communication gaps” that exist between content, viewer interests, and advertisers. Vendio aims to reduce the gap between content, viewers, publishers, and advertisers by connecting them with ads with relevant content. This businesses concept makes parties can ensure that they are wisely spending their time, money, and energy in targeting the right audience to generate successful leads. By advertising everywhere that is relevant, users of the platform can enhance their level of success when it comes to advertising and brand management.

In order to do that, Vendio offers a Video Interaction Platform (VIP). The VIP provides a proprietary tagging algorithm which will be added to the video content for a specific time during particular video duration. These tags are selected by the publishers and help in describing the visual content being displayed during duration of time. 

The Vendio VIP utilize real time analytics. This analytic approach is a real-time and in-depth form of data that enables the publisher and advertiser to have more control through their platform. The platform also displays a VENDI Score, which enables them to determine the success of the publishers and advertisers vis-a-vi their content.

In addition, the VIP is also a turnkey solutions for fast and simple payments system. For example, the content is uploaded, information can be tagged, the advertisements are accepted, posted, and the advertiser gets paid. It really is that simple and easy to use.

Vendio is a unique and innovative method of advertising and better yet, advertisers can view exactly how successful their advertising efforts are very step of the way. 

How It Works?

This concept of promoting businesses through relevant video app makes Vendio different from other advertising instruments available in the market. The whole process will be executed by implementing a proprietary tagging algorithm which will be added to the video content for a specific time during particular video duration. These tags are selected by the publishers and help in describing the visual content being displayed during duration of time. After this, the data contained in these tags are shared with potential advertisers choose by the publishers. Furthermore, advertisers will select the best ad that matches with the specific content tagged by the publisher at within a specific timeframe.

Vendio Token: Vendicoin

VendiCoins are the utility tokens called “VENDI”. These tokens work as a key element to conduct all the transactions done on the Video Interactive Platform. Vendicoins are regulated by smart contracts and no transaction or payment can be done on the platform without using these tokens.  

Vendicoin Use Cases: 

For Publishers:

  • Feed gas prices included in accepting advertiser bids.
  • Feed gas prices included in the listing content.
  • Reward viewers as an incentive for sharing content.
  • Feed gas prices included in withdrawing account funds.

For Advertisers:

  • Feed gas prices included in the funding account.
  • Feed gas prices included for launching advertising campaigns.
  • Feed gas prices included in bidding for advertising campaigns on publisher content.
  • Feed gas prices included for rewarding publishers for generating views to campaigns on content.
  • For rewarding viewers who have VENDI tokens for advertisement engagements.

For the Viewers:

  • Feed gas prices included for the withdrawal of account funds.
  • Viewers spend their tokens on products and services provided by advisers.
  • Viewers may donate the tokens to their favorite content-creating publishers.


The Vendio headquartered is located in the United States of America. The company is focusing on developing a platform to provide digital advertising services that will prove beneficial for viewers, content publishers, and advertisers.

With its Video Interactive Platform (VIP), it will allow advertisers and publisher to get connected with most appropriate ads and content to increase the viewer engagement. Overall, Vendio is an interesting and innovative approach to advertising.

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