AMICORUM.LIVE is the platform offering zero transaction fee to the buyers. It does not charge any fees from the users. Based on the blockchain technology, they are trying to develop an ecosystem of a transparent and secure ecosystem of ticket reselling for the people. Bringing blockchain technology into action will help users and merchants to organize the event peacefully. Anyone can create an account on the platform to begin the operation of buying a ticket for a festival. Automating all the processes with the help of technology will boost the speed of operation on the platform. KYC model of verification helps in identifying the fraud profiles on the platform. Integrating various features including a digital wallet for the successful operation of the ticket sale, ticket resale and refunds helps the buyers visit the platform again and again. One of the many qualities of the platform that may have a lasting impact on the users is the faster refund process and faster grievance redressal mechanism. Identity verification, cryptographic validation of the keys to secure the transactions on the platform will bring reliability in the process.

There is nothing new about this conversation, we all have heard of it. It has become too much of an alternative market where you can get any festival or concert ticket but only triple the price. Many people pay for it, otherwise, how would this secondary market work. It has become an established business for many agents and middlemen who are deep into the web of high price ticket reselling. They have their own network. This network is becoming stronger and stronger every day. The level of fraud is also increasing day by day. What do you think we can do about it? Is there anything we can do to change the current situation of the ticket reselling industry? I think we can do better if we bring the technology into action. Creating a transparent system which does not require any middlemen or third agent. The biggest challenges in the industry are the transaction fee taken by the banks while buying tickets online. Hence, we need a system or an ecosystem where people can complete the transaction all by themselves.

Ticketing protocols on the platform are designed to manage and secure the ownership details of the platform. Users can list their tickets on the platform for resale after verification of their identity. Smart contract based transaction takes place between the buyers and sellers of the tickets on the platform. The blockchain technology can help the industry by removing the middlemen and the transaction costs. People are waiting for a platform which can provide faster transactions on their ticket resell. One of the most attracting features of the platform is zero transaction fee while the traditional platforms charge a transaction fee. This feature can be the game changer for the platform. Providing transparency in the market which is considered a difficult by many traditional players. If they are able to break in the market with their unique approach, this would create a revolution in the secondary market.



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