Amicorum is a crowd sourced Blockchain-based peer-peer ecosystem for ticket resale of music festivals and concerts around the globe. AMICORUM.LIVE is a secure and transparent processing fee based blockchain ecosystem for the ticket resale industry thereby eliminating transaction costs and fraudulent transactions.Although only AMI tokens will be used for execution of sale of any tickets —whether it’s a buy or sell. The buyers will receive payments in AMI tokens in their account and the sellers will need AMI tokens to buy the
tickets. All ticket sales will be finalized the same day of the purchase as the blockchain confirms transactions within minutes. This means you don’t have to wait for the payments to be sent from your bank to the ticket holder.
The seller will list the tickets on the AMICORUM.LIVE platform
This platform will change the ticket fee to represent AMI Token value
Buyers will review and confirm ticket purchases in exchange for tokens
Transactions confirmed through the network and transaction information are listed in both Seller and Buyer accounts.
The seller receives the full amount in his corresponding wallet address without any deductions (in Token AMI)
The buyer receives a ticket after the transaction is confirmed and registered in the block.
The platform automates all business processes associated with listing, selling, reselling, rewards and redemption of festival tickets or concerts while distributing timely sales funds.
All ticket sales will be completed on the same day as the purchase because the blockchain confirms the transaction within minutes. This means you do not have to wait for payments to be sent from the bank to the ticket holders.

The tokens will be used in the following ways:
• For all settlements between the members of the ecosystem —ticket purchase, resale, returns
• FASTTRACK- KYC mechanism
• Internal payments to all vendors and employees

The blockchain ecosystem will be used for the platform, its visitors, buyers and sellers and KYC setup.
Once the user has created the profile and verified via KYC, they will be able to enlist their tickets for sale. The ticket holder will upload the tickets with the essential information — barcode (authenticated by the platform), their motive for sale (reason why they cannot attend ask price (higher or lower than the actual market rate) timeline for sale of the ticket and refund policy if applicable.

The buyer, who wants to buy the ticket, logs in to the platform and searches for the event. The Re-Sale tickets will be displayed in the initial order of relevance, price and other information. The buyer will go either make an offer to buy the ticket at the price listed via the AMI tokens and once there are several confirmations for that particular transaction on Etherscan, the ticket will be automatically named to the new buyer. So essentially, there is no third party to handle the exchange.

AMI Token
The AMI token is based on the decentralized ethereum market standard smart contract ERC 20 token. Formed within the blockchain and subject to automatic execution upon the occurrenceof pre-defined criteria and events.

Total Supply – 50,000,000
Hard Cap - $20M
Softcap - $5M

Token Distribution
80% Total ICO Distribution – 40,000,000
15% Reserved for Founders/Management – 7,500,000
2% Reserved for Advisers – 1,000,000
3% Reserved for Marketing/Loyalty Purposes – 1,500,000


Muhammad Shakil: Counselor

Adrian Arora: Founder & Investor

Sam Kalra: Founder and Head of Investor Relations

Kanwar Arora: Head of Financial Analysis

Sang Hyeon: Community Manager - Korea

Damira Baigozha: Marketing & ICO SMM - SE - ASIA

Ali Zain: Development of Blockchain



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