Antarctica OMG OMG

On Twiiter I notice "Antarctica" is trending, GLOBALLY.
So I know some thing is up. Given Buzz and the Russian Pope, and even John Kerry recently paid a visit.
Know this, there is a Global Operation in play, Warming up to high-jump, playing on the masses to repeat X if they hear Y.

If X = 'north pole' or 'south pole'
Then Y = "Doom is Nye!" "Global Over LORD save Us!"

'sized of Delaware' <> ICEBURG CRACK <> Global Crisis
[FEAR PORN type 'enviroment']

  1. Al Gore, as suspected top of the float
    The Larsen C ice shelf has broken away from Antarctica, a jarring reminder of why we must solve the climate crisis.
    NYT and GreenPeace and CNN all coordinate on this BREAKING news. The Mass rank and file repeat.

  2. Redraw the Map

  3. Crisis (broke, crack)

  4. 2x the volume of Lake Erie. Size if Delaware. 1.12 trillion tons.

  5. climate change / climate in crisis / other neo-global-warming-koins.

  6. Trump \ China \ Hoax

That's all the news that's fit to print.

thesis antitheis sythesis

solution: kill the cows/humans, geoengineering

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