Plentix- is a project on a decentralized system of blockchain.  Before it is the task of distributing company tokens, or distributing discounts to all participants (this may be developers of any applications, persons who are sellers, or buyers), that is, it can give everyone a token as a bonus.  When going to this platform will allow a much larger number of people to benefit from investment, so the global referral economy will become more profitable.  This was the goal of the developers: they tried to maximize the distribution of remuneration.

The main advantages of this platform: 

The first advantage of this project is that it allows you to implement a blocking system.  In other words, a much larger number of entrepreneurs will be able to build their applications.  And the use of a smart contract will avoid routine and automates the work, thereby facilitating the configuration and use of software.  Also, Plentix will allow programmers to use APIsets that work on a decentralized infrastructure.  Another innovation used by developers is that it is possible to use only one interface, but at the same time, several applications can be connected to the platform at the same time.  The platform will integrate several development systems.  As for the profit for the participants, the developers thought of several ways: the ability to get tokens from the developers of this platform, getting discounts and discounts plus tokens.  

The size and options are limited only by the company.  When you start working with a company and its client, the information goes to the blockchain.  Considering that Plentix is ​​a network program, it should be noted that with the success and development of users, the platform itself is growing, correspondingly, the cost of tokens is increasing.  

About the principle of the decentralized Plentix platform.  


First, using the interface, it becomes possible to transfer referral links to different people.  At the same time, the platform does not exclude the involvement of those persons who are not on the system at all in the referral program.  This is done with the help of social networks, instant messengers and other means.  

Secondly, each participant of the referral program will receive a code, which opens the possibility of purchasing various goods or services.  At the same time, the sizes of these discounts are set by these companies.  

Thirdly, the person who received the code gets the opportunity to purchase the service of this company.  The company determines the time of purchase of the service, and also can change them.  Well, in the end, after purchasing a service or product, the person who invited this client will receive a certain number of tokens on his balance, or receive a discount.  Consider the work of this platform for example, say, opened a store with these or other products.  To promote this business requires good marketing, but what if all media known to us are full of variety and advertising posters and rollers?  Then a friend comes to the rescue, because if our friend, a close or familiar person, who has bought and is pleased with this product, will recommend a product to us, the chances to buy it from us are significantly increased.  By the same principle, all participants of this project are satisfied: everyone will have profits, discounts and good goods on hand.  

The team of the developers of this platform: 


Details of ICO:

In general, it is expected to issue five hundred million tokens.  

Name of PTN token.  

The cost at the moment is 2 cents per token.  

Sales will be carried out in two stages.  

The remaining tokens are planned to be destroyed. 

Sales began in March this year.  

Approximate distribution of funds: 

Conclusions made after getting acquainted with the project: The distribution of bonuses using referral programs is successfully used by various companies when encouraging clients.  But using it on a decentralized program of blocking will lead to the fact that the entire system will become more transparent, open.  Automating the system will greatly accelerate and facilitate the work.



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