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EtherInc is a unique modern ecosystem, with the help of which it is planned to create alternative protocols that allow launching decentralized applications and entire organizations or companies.

The project provides a built-in programming language Turing. It is with his help that alternative protocols will be created, allowing to realize all the goals set by the developers.

Advantages and disadvantages The platform looks pretty serious and has the right to life. This impression is created at the first glance at the interface due to the presence of a large number of advantages emerging after a detailed study of the entire ecosystem as a whole.

The following indicators can be attributed to the advantages of the platform:

Users are given the opportunity to write their own smart contracts and decentralized applications that can reduce the cost of launching start-ups and creating new organizations.

The interface of the ecosystem is not particularly complex and understandable to all users, regardless of their skills. Thus, even beginners are given the opportunity to easily and conveniently build their own software objects or designs. Novelty and relevance. The platform does not use obsolete programming languages

and algorithms.

When developing, only original and new systems are used, as well as actual languages

for creating software. Alas, the flaws of the platform also exist. True, they are not so significant, especially against the backdrop of positive differences and the absence of similar proposals.

Negative indicators of the site are:

Use of own code, which programmers are considered to be low-level. This entails compatibility problems. Connect to other sites with such applications are unlikely to work.

Users who do not even have an initial level of programming knowledge will not be able to independently debug their scripts for full-fledged work and application launch. Inexperienced users will have to apply for services to qualified specialists.

Project possibilities

The platform has a number of key advantages and features that significantly expand its capabilities. The main of these indicators include the following: The site was designed to provide key opportunities for beginners and experienced entrepreneurs. The developers managed to make it universal.

The process of developing applications is relatively simple, and even a novice user who does not have certain skills and abilities in this area can manage them. The whole process of work is understandable on an intuitive level.

Do not need to learn a lot of additional information and detailed instructions for users. The entire process is very easy to implement in a structure that is available in the enterprise and functions properly.

This expands the possibilities of new companies and long-running enterprises. The platform is very flexible, so it can be quickly and easily adapted to each user, providing individual requirements for the site functionality.

When implementing a platform, the company's infrastructure will not require large investments. And it does not depend on the stage of the company's functioning. EtherInc comes to meet users, allowing them to abandon additional functionality if necessary.

This is one of the most important differences that other similar sites do not provide. Implement a platform in the company is not only very simple, quick and easy, it happens without creating additional discomfort for all employees and managers.


The procedure for selling domestic coins issued by the company is one of the most popular ways of collecting money for such sites.

The EtherInc platform team decided to conduct the ICO.

Tokens will be sold subject to the following conditions:

The name of the internal digital coin is Etherlnc.
The abbreviated name for electronic assets is ETI.
The maximum number of tokens that developers plan to release is 997,528,142 units.
Not all coins will come to public sale (some of them will be distributed for other needs of the site), but only a part - 450 million units.
Investors will be able to purchase digital assets at a very low cost - only 10 cents per unit.
The minimum amount that developers plan to collect as a result of the sale of tokens is 1 million US dollars.
The maximum threshold for raising funds, which is possible to collect when selling the entire amount of coins, is $ 22 million.
There will be two rounds of tokens implementation: the pre-sale will start on June 7 and will be closed on June 15, 2018.
The main stage of the ICO is scheduled for the period from June 25 to July 25, 2018.

Since not all the digital assets will be offered for public sale, they are planned to be distributed as follows: 9.78% of the total number of issued tokens will be sent to holders of Ethereum. 10.02% of digital assets will be reserved in a special fund for further spending on finalizing the platform and its functionality. 10.02% of electronic coins are planned to be invested in carrying out special start-ups using the advanced capabilities of the site. 10.02% of ETI tokens will be allocated as a reward to strategic partners and to conclude partnership agreements with them. 15.04% will be distributed between the EtherInc community and employee companies as additional motivation and encouragement. 45.11% of tokens are planned to be realized during two rounds of public sale of coins.

White Paper:
BITCOINTALk: https: //
MEDIUM: / einc


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