The world's first business platform

ARKRATOS itself - This is the world's first business platform, ready to realize all business moments with the help of cutting-edge technology of blocking.
Today I decided to talk about this project, because it is transparent, as well as its goal - to make all the business within the business of their clients' companies transparent.
In other words, it is a revolutionary breakthrough, and a strong team of developers and founders, which is aimed at solving various business tasks such as organizing and conducting banking, education, financing, healthcare, remote management, insurance, control and supervision, logistics, quality control, security, marketing, management, and other movements in the world of goods and services with a lot of experience, they are aimed at simplifying the business relationships within the campaign itself, and between the campaign and customers, using t
The Arkratos business platform team has considerable experience in supplying large-scale global service platforms in the financial, telecommunications and mobile content industry with proven management experience and providing some of the world's largest mobile carrier platforms and services, as well as developing numerous solutions for financial series, security and fraud .
The campaign was founded in early 2017 in Singapore and has a strong project organizing team with a lot of knowledge and experience in its assigned tasks.
Having this deep and extensive pool of knowledge helps to immerse yourself in the basic problems of creating solutions and products to achieve the tasks assigned to the team.
Thus, the KRATOS project is a platform based on the block chain for the world physical trade of goods operating in its own key 24 hours 7 days a week.
The business project of KRATOS acts as the only mechanism of truth, since the key to this is the technology of blocking, where all documentation (for example, controlled physical copy scanning, digital invoices, letters of credit and shipping documents) is common and visible to all involved participants in global trade in real time.

The business platform ensures easy due diligence of all and all involved parties and ensures transparency, visibility and efficiency for cross-border trade turnover, and thus provides a safe and transparent world trade!

The interest of the business project as a mechanism is aimed at protecting buyers, sellers, banks, traders, insurance, management, marketing and logistics from fraudulent transactions and other unjustified trade risks, thereby significantly changing and improving the organization of international trade in physical goods throughout the life cycle of goods circulation from producer to consumer.

The most important point that should be noted is that the business platform KRATOS is modular, and this allows you to execute selective modules (a set of related smart contracts), you can select the necessary modules or other modules presented on the platform. The KRATOS business platform uses many modules on its KRATOS site, including KYC / AML, Human Resources, Administration, Finance, Risk Management, Trading and Logistics.

At the moment, the Arkratos project offers a full range of blockchain services, while in Singapore it uses its own laboratory for work and development, which has reached the world level.
Therefore, the project is strong and worthy of attention.

Details can be found on the site, forum, and social networks.
In my opinion a very strong project, which will develop successfully.
All for now!
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Good luck on the way to the top!

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